How do you feel right now? (Part Two!)

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  • Am feeling cosy and content in the van. Was minus ten out earlier and am now toasty next to the fire with warm feet again and a decent cup of coffee. Am also getting a wifi reception from an unknown source. Very kind , who ever they are ;-)

    Am happy that I have always carried much more wood than I need ,as the fire has been going pretty much full stop for the last few days.

    Also feeling grateful as I do in these very cold snaps to Julian for his expertise in creating very efficient log burning stoves :thumbup:

  • Wishing you all the hairy breast and a very happy Birthday Harry , I hope that you get to spend some quality time today in good company or on your own if that is your preference.

    I raise a glass for your friend too in celebration of his-her life. xx

  • Well ere we go, pretty crap to be honest, too much to do not enough time in the day. Need to be putting the hours in my workshop which means doing the daily doings like cooking and all that shit to keep yourself right is a struggle as by the time have done what I need to do in any one given day to keep life ticking over means I aint got the oomph or energy to do all that other shit. By the time I've fetched me water, sorted fire out, done this done that, wrote three extensive E mails, wrapped up three lots to go to the post office, no wonder I dont have time.

  • I feel frustrated and tired. 5th morning in a row I’ve been woken up before 4.30am with bluddy back pain. I’ve avoided taking a nap in the daytime to maintain routine and body clock. Hotwater bottle and medication takes a couple of hours to ease it up. The bird calls from outside are pure music to me. If we are lucky enough to live for 70 years, all the early mornings in that time, isn’t enough to appreciate this natural beautiful experience. Something reminiscent to the joy a boat of people must feel, when witnessing a pod of wales surfacing unexpectedly. And yet common sounds most folk are usually oblivious to in daily life. Like appreciating the arrival of each summer as we get older. There’s pleasure to be found, even when we might be in pain. When I first injured my back, I lay upstairs in bed in my double decker bus, parked up on my land. I realised if I were no more than a head on a pillow. With only my eyes, life can still be beautiful.
    Hopefully I will catch another hour or two sleep, before the day becomes real. Thank the gods the world is healthy and accommodating.