The strange death of Dr David Kelly

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  • This topic has come back into the news today. A group of experts- a coroner, some doctors and others- wrote to the Times today questioning the official verdict of suicide. The Times website is now blocked (unless you pay) but here is an article from the independant-…-david-kelly-2052315.html

    A brief summary.
    Dr Kelly was a government scientist who worked as an Iraq wepons inspector between the 2 Gulf wars. He could therefore be expected to be pretty used to dealing with stress, often travelling in Iraq, probably with unfriendly saddam era soldiers, looking for WMD.
    He was identified as the source of the sexing up accusations against the Blair government. He spoke to 2 journalists. Andrew Gillingham of the today show and a woman who worked at newsnight (cannot remember the name). He was cleared to give info to journalists, but not to express opinions. It was the Gillingham story that lead to the sexing up claims.
    After some investigation he was identified as the source and a few days later was found dead in a field. His wrist was cut and he had taken an OD.
    He was a member of the Baha'i faith which usually frowns on suicide.
    There was no proper inquest into his death. The hutton inquiry heard a brief summary of the medical evidence and concluded that suicide was the cause of death.

    This is not the first time the cause of death has been challenged. 6 years ago the ambulance crew gave this interview-

    However, a friend of David Kelly, Tom Mangold, was on the radio today to say that it was suicide. He said that there were private reasons to believe that he killed himself.
    1/ he did lie to MPs the day before he died.
    2/ He was obsessed with his reputation and being exposed as a liar would be intolerable.
    3/ As he had lied and also because he had expressed an opinion to a journalist (the sexing up claim) he would no longer be able to work as a wepons inspector.
    4/ He would then not be allowed to return to Bagdad. He said there was a strong desire in David Kelly to return to Bagdad but would not say on the radio what contributed to this desire.
    From this he concluded it was suicide and said that this was the opinion of Dr Kelly's wife.

    Who will rid me of this turbulent scientist?

  • Who will rid me of this turbulent scientist?

    By his own hand.

    Face it, Blair was going to war anyway because his best mate in all the world (Bush) told him to and some minor pesky scientist was never going to stop that from happening sexing up of reports or not. Anyway MI5 are so inherently incompetant they would probably have whacked the wrong guy.

    Not even Blair at his most demented would have sanctioned a mainland assassination. They'd be too many wintnesses. Can you imagine blabber-mouth Prescott keeping that one quiet.

    By his own hand; who knows what domestics were going on we know nowt about. Let the guy and his family rest in peace.

  • 1/ What makes you so sure that he died by his own hand? Did you know him personally? Do you have information which is unavailable to the rest of us? Are you a qualified pathologist? The following people think there is enough doubt to request an inquest-
    A number of leading coroners and pathologists, who reviewed all the information which was published by the Hutton inquiry.
    The ambulance crew who attended the scene.

    2/ An inquest is legally required in this country in cases where the death was unexpected.

    3/ There is plenty of evidence that parts of the british government encouraged or colluded in the killing of suspected/actual IRA members by loyalist gunmen in N Ireland. Who knew what and how official this collusion was will probably never be known. However it happened in the last 30 years.

    4/ The Bush government, and to a lesser extent the Obama government has been willing to tolerate innocent deaths in the "war on terror".
    Suspected Al Quaeda leader spotted by drone airplane entering building in pakistan with innocent family members in building.
    Fuck it, bomb building anyway.

    5/ A number of CIA members are wanted for questioning in Italy for kidnapping a muslim cleric (and italian citizen) in broad daylight, in an italian city and carrying him of to Morocco to be tortured.

    I would say there is enough doubt about the death for a proper (legally required) inquest. He may have killed himself but he may not. I have sympaty for the family but "the family do not want it to happen" is no rational for not having an inquest.

  • If it were shown that Dr Kelly did meet his end by other than his own hand....with even the vaguest whiff of conspiracy (in the original meaning) by the Blair govt....that would open up all manner of cans of worms regarding John Smith's death :eek:

    "The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do."

  • Apparently (according to paramedic friend) the paramedic who was the first on the scene said it was the strangest suicide he'd ever encountered in the ten years he'd deen on the job. And they were prevented from carrying out all their 'after actions' by the police.

    Watch the film The Whistle Blower with Michael Caine and Nigel Havers. Seems a remarkably similar situation.

  • If it were shown that Dr Kelly did meet his end by other than his own hand....with even the vaguest whiff of conspiracy (in the original meaning) by the Blair govt....that would open up all manner of cans of worms regarding John Smith's death :eek:

    and Robin Cook ;)