led lighting

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  • Have any of you installed led lighting inside your trucks/boats, if so how do you like them? spent the last few days looking at how they work ect.
    I didnt realise that they can run from 10-30v :) but that when you switch of your engine the alternator can kick out 300+volts for 0.004 of a second and led's dont like that. The amount of money i will spending on them i dont want them to go pop as they will be part of the build and non servicable. My head hurts with all this thinking :whistle: any advice would be welcome :D

  • My bro tested loads of LED spots n things for Cambridge Carbn Footprint. Bit of variation in quality and the market moves so you have to "suck it and see"... loads of cheap things on eBay.

    A few ms of high volts for your average LED unit (with a small regulator in each bulb) should be fine as the regulator has a big capacitor to flatten the spike. Never heard of people frying their LEDs becuase of 12v rail spikes.

    I know quite a few boatie people with LED spots. Ive just ordered some LED strings to go into some strip fittings to see how they go (ok yes I will take the inverters out...)

  • Cheers nick, i hadnt heard of them poping either, but wanted to make sure looking at using single led's mounted in roof panals to give me the flush effect im after with some bulb type ones for reading/cooking

  • I've blown a few up in the last couple of years...:D
    Mostly due to excess current, not volts though. But this can happen. I'm not enough of an electronics geek to go into the fine detail though.

    If you're in a vehicle and running a solar or split charger system for your domestic electrics then the output side of your charge controller/split charge box will have a regulated 12volt supply, which should run LED systems fine. I do know of some boaties who have blown LED lamps by running them straight off alternator charged systems - it doesn't happen straight away is what I've heard though.

    I'm running loads of LED stuff - at home (off grid) and on the 12volt solar lighting rig I hire out. Most of these are MR16 type (that replace the old halogen lamps in fittings - the ones with the two small pins). You can also get - which I use quite a few of - 12volt compact flourescent lamps (like the low energy bulbs in mains electric powered houses) - these are excellent for lighting large areas and generally come between 7 & 20 watts.

    There's a place in Brum that has good prices on LED's - http://www.energybulbs.co.uk

    Some pics of some of my lighting in use: