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  • Need advice. More from males than females. I'm really fucking angry right now. Its boiling inside me.

    I'm not drinking way half as much as I did previous. I'm eating well and getting plenty of exercise.

    I'm just so fucking stressed. I need advice not hugs:curse:

    "Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You know you're going to get it, but it's going to be rough."

  • Okay... lets get to the root of the very thing thats making you boil inside - what is it?

    Might give us a clue to give you some advice that your looking for?

  • If you're angry about something that you can change then do what you have to change it.
    If you're angry about something you have no control over then you'll have to make the effort to come to terms with it and move on.

  • Hi Lister, you don't say how old you are or how much you'd been drinking before?

    Alcohol as we've all been told, is a depressant, so expect some changes as you return to the real world.

    Testosterone, apart from making our dicks grow big and causing us to shave everyday....has some other effects like a quick increase in anger and aggression, though not a lot of use to us in our modern, calm, regulated and ordered existence. But was well useful for primative dudes who needed to rip a fucking hyena apart should it threaten the camp.

    Adrenalin, that one's tied up with the fight or flight response to a dangerous situation. problem today is that we don't encouner too many dangerous situations, yet we are still hard-wired to react to them.

    It's all to do with how we control these hormones and portray our masculinity.

    Some men shave their heads, get a dog with big teeth, affect a suitable hard-looking strut and become night-club bouncers/fighters/soldiers/lawbreakers or get jobs with uniforms that allow them to express power.

    Some divert this energy into a succesful business or other challenges such as sports.

    Extreme sports are well known for inducing that adrenaline rush and the feeling of well being and calmness that comes afterwards.

    You really need to be doing something with these energies.

  • Lister - first of all thankyou for posting about what you are going through at the moment - my boyfriend is also suffering from explosive bouts of anger about seemingly little tiny things so its helped me to know that there are other blokes brave enough to actually want to talk about similar issues xxxx

    Macheath - interesting points you have made there - thankyou

  • I'm angry about many things, unfortunately I can't post on here as Blu's on alot. I'll find other outlets for my anger.

    Fuck it...I'v given up anyway, resigned myself to the inevitable. Seems the only way out.

    "Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You know you're going to get it, but it's going to be rough."