Is mankind doomed!!

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  • I dont think i like the term 'doomed' but this planet is not all about us. It bumbled along for millions of years before humans came along. We know that many species have evolved and died out completely independently of humans. Why would we be any different?

  • what would be the point in it all if we we're doomed from the beginning.

  • Thought it was a politically-incorrect thread for a moment - 'Is mankind doomed?'

    What about womankind? Though to be fair, there is probably a lot less chance of them ending up 'doomed' if there aren't any men about to create wars over land and oil and crazy religions.

    But I think the thread title really meant 'Humankind'.

    'Is humankind doomed?' Inevitably. All species are doomed, given time.

    The last post in 2010 asked what would be the point of it all if we are doomed from the beginning?

    One answer, from the philosophical point of view, is that it gives time. Time for beings to experience and to learn in a great diversity of environments, here and perhaps elsewhere.