My home got robbed!

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  • I was just settling in to my fabulous van and now it's been stolen (along with all my posseisions of course). THIS SUCKS!!!
    Someone even reported it found (with a broken window and hotwired) this morning and the Police took the info and left it there to get robbed again! Then, when I went home this afternoon (having spent the weekend sick at my freind's house) and found it missing they said it might have been towed by the council if it looked abandoned. After calling about 5 different council people, I found out that it had been found this morning about 15 miles away so I thought I might at least get some stuff back even if it was wrecked. My friend drove there and it was gone so spoke to the Police again... So now I have a crime number but no van.
    Bad day

  • Oh Beky, that is absolutely awful hun, I know how much it meant to you and how proud you were of your new home. Some people are utter b*****ds and have no respect for other peoples possessions.
    I really hope that they find your home, and that they haven't taken everything out of it. Anything we can do, give us a shout

  • let us know if there are any essentials you need. us hippies are good like that. so sorry this has happened to you hunny.xxxxx

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  • awww babe thats savage :( like the others have said if there is anything you need urgently please please let us know and we can get things sorted for you ok :hug: fuckin assholes man :( xxxxxx

  • where is the vehicle registered? if the house where its registered has house insurance, theres a chance some of your personal possessions maybe covered. Worth a try, but if the stolen contents doesn't amount to much it won't be worth claiming, as the house insurance cover will increase in price. Sorry to hear about the theft

  • I feel for you I hope insurance covers your losses, people who steal are the scum of the earth, I would also go to CAB it seems the police also have given you a raw deal, perhaps if you let us know of any fixtures and fittings missing or broken someone may be able to help you, I noticed at the Small World Festival a guy selling all kinds of things very cheap , for instance cooker, sink, inner panels from a camper van.

    (((((((((((((have a hug from an old hippy)))))))))))

  • Jeese Im SO sorry, what an awful thing to happen. Im sure I can help out if you need anything, I have way too much! and yes post pics or a description and reg we can all keep a look out for it. I hope they find it soon, Im just sorry I cant be of more help.

  • i'm sooo sorry to hear this, that sucks!

    ditto to what everyone else said. just post a list of stuff you need and we'll sort it out.


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  • You needing clothes etc? I don't know what you look like/what size you are etc but I'm sure we can find you a new wardrobe. Has to be a ton of stuff around here and everyone's that we can spare.

    So sorry to hear that. What awful news.

  • I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you get your van and your stuff back. What goes around comes back around, so although it's awful, this will come back to you in a good way. Best wishes.

  • Sorry to hear what happened:(,ditto what everyone else has said.if there's anything I can do to help, just give me a shout.

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  • So sorry to here your bad news mate , never had my van stolen but we had it robbed in day light in a lidi car park and they took all out tools food diarys with work numbers and home numbers and even two bags of dirty clothes and know one see a think so know how you feel mate :bighug:

  • Ahhh man, i dont need to state the obvious. I hope you find it and get your stuff back :)

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  • Hi everybody, thanks for the hugs, offers of help etc.. You're all really very nice. I made a facebook group to see if anyone sees it but I think it's probably gone
    Here are some pictures of it if it is still alive somewhere

    The main thing I need is a van of some sort to move in to asap.. so if anyone knows one that's sitting around do let me know! I've been having a look on ebay but have a tiny budget (about £800) just need something roadworthy that I can put a mattress in the back and start getting some stuff together.
    I'm not gonna start making my new proper van til I have time,money and tools to make it as good/better than my first otherwise I'll be bitter for ages!
    Once I get a van sorted out, I'm gonna try and find some clothes etc and all will be jolly!
    (luckily I carry an excessively laden rucksack as a handbag so have 3 pairs of clothes, shoes and flipflops and most everything I need on a day to day basis!)

    ttfn xBeky