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  • Looks like another move abroad is imminent, so need to clear out some clothes. Prices dont include shipping. Please cover PP fees :)
    We are a no smoking/pets home

    Oasis suede waiscoat with real fur trim, I cant remember the name of the fur but its very floaty! sz 12 as new £12

    Monsoon summer cotton top sz10 £5

    Monsoon summer cotton wrap top sz8 with tie lovely with jeans £5


    Lace stretch shrug, Ive took the label out of this but its a size 12 very pretty over a summer dress £3.50

    detail of lace top

    H&M jeans £5 sz 40 32" leg New, I only tried them on once.

    Pretty vintage style dress sz 14 It was strapless but I added 2 straps each side of black thin ribbon, which could be removed easily if preffered. It has a belt and zip back £8

    Warehouse wrap cotton top with pretty colored emboidery, sz 16 really pretty £9


    Oasis cotton style Wrap/shrug tie front. sz 12 This is really pretty with 3/4 sleeves. Perfect for a summers evening £5

    Pattern detail

    Very pretty white cotton skirt with black embroidery, lined, nice and light for summer, sz 16 /33" waist

    Sari style wrap skirt with heavy embroidery (metal thread) Beautiful. sz 8-12 ties at side. The lining has a few stains but they are inside and dont show through. £15

    Morgan De toi Zebra print top Stretchy soft fabric. Its slightly adjustable to the sides by the underarms as how high it is. About a sz 8-10 I cant find the size £4

    Next skirt, denim/chambray look cotton with brown and white embroidery and tie/zip side Very pretty £5 sz12


  • These are now sold;
    The vintage style dress (sorry!)
    Suede waistcoat
    lace shrug
    Denim skirt

    Green Monsoon wrap top

    Feel free to make an offer if you dont like my prices.

  • Hi HippyCrafts, could you measure the skirt length for me please hon, waistband to hem? Def still want top!

    thank ee! x

    Hi, sorry we had a busy weekend!
    The skirt length is 38" and the wrap waist is 41"
    Let me know if you need anything else :)