anyone tried prozac?

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  • if so how did u feel on it?, did it work? was it easy to come off of it when u were ready to?
    ive been prescribed it for pmt but i am very unsure about taking it, just wondered what other people have experienced

    i took prozac and citalopram last year each for about 6 months, i was being treated for a whole list of things that i since diagnose myself as an indigo kid
    aspergers syndrome (yeah right!)
    depression (sometimes appropriate)
    adhd (thats me)

    the citalopram (anti anxiety) turned me into a fucking lunatic and whilst i was on it did some things that i regret and was generally out of control.

    the prozac made me very relaxed to the point where i was so unaffected by everything my friends asked me to stop taking it because i was being so boring, also i totally lost any sex drive i had to begin with.

    i do feel that the prozac did drag me out of a rut but i wouldnt advise being on it for too long.. i found it easy to stop just take one every other day for a few weeks