how good is the nhs :)

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  • Well i belive in givin credit when its due :) Was doing some grinding on sunday when something went in my eye ....and yes i had saftey specs on :eek: couldnt see anything in it so thought it must of come out then on mon eye was sore but being a bloke i put it down to a scratch :whistle:
    Then yesterday it was very sore and red so after work i droped into the minor injurys clinic and took a seat. Was seen by nurse then told to wait back in waiting room, within an hr is was shown into a black room and then they began looking in my eye, numbed it and started fishin :whistle:
    Then called a eye doc who came down and took a look, spotted a piece of metal stuck in the eye ball, 1 big needle later he had fished it out, gave me some drops and sent me on my way :D
    The nhs rocks :D and i know there are a few people on here going through stuff with the nhs at the mo and from what i can gather all gettin very good treatment. Im sure some will disagree but for me they sorted me out so im full of praise :D

  • Ouchy ouch! Same thing happened with my stepdad a few years ago, flying metal and eyes is a bad combination (plus he's also suffered anther [different] incident with a stanley knife across the palm of his hand! :eek:).

    Thank God for the NHS I say - especially considering the number of DIY enthusiasts out there ;) :D

  • i worked for the nhs for years - they get knocked too often. front line staff do a great job - it's usually the managers that are the problem.

  • i worked for the nhs for years - they get knocked too often. front line staff do a great job - it's usually the managers that are the problem.

    Hear hear......they've always done a good job as far as I'm concerned.......

  • i worked for the nhs for years - they get knocked too often. front line staff do a great job - it's usually the managers that are the problem.

    yeh your right thats why i wanted to post just how good they are, worth every penny and more that they earn

  • Thinking about it, I did work for the NHS for a short spell when I lived in Cardiff. Admin job, "Waiting List Validation Officer" which basically meant me sending out letters saying "dear so-and-so, I know you've been waiting 6years for that CT scan/MRI scan/X-ray but do you still need it because we're trying to clear up the backlog. Ta very much" (except obviously it wasn't quite like that).

    Used to get some really abusive letters back which was understandable but I tried not to take it personally. The letters I didn't like were the ones saying "Dear NHS-skivy, my Father was put on the waiting list for his MRI scan in October 2003 but sadly he passed away in June 2005". Had a couple like that and they alwaqys made me feel horribly guilty :(

  • a few year back my daughter had pneumonia due, they think. to her inhaling food long before anything happened. The consultant surgeon was Arab I think and was fab, he looked me in the eye and explained everything. Was expected it should be a 2 hour op to remove part of her lung but he took it slowly, carefully and did it right, 6 hours later and me climbing the walls..... She was there 5 weeks in all and I stayed beside her the whole time, the surgeon phoned the ward early on Christmas morning to see how she was and discharge us. Wonderful people all round!

  • Well their being mostly very fab with me..
    Tis jast a waiting game atm.

    Jay..what were you making/doing when you got said metal in your eye hun ?

  • Well, having lived in the US for over a year now, I don't think we Brits know how lucky we are for having the NHS.

    'Pay per visit' health care here in the US sucks. My asthma inhaler costs $280 per refill (thats about 200 pounds), fortunately we managed to to get some 'samples' from our doctors office. When I badly sprained my ankle last year a visit to the ER costs $1500 (about 1000 pounds) again we managed to swing the bill. And, each time Muffy or I visit the doctors, it costs $46. Health care cover (insurance) would be (which can't we afford) $900 per month, plus we would have to pay a co-pay fee for every doctors visit, every medicine, & every hospital visit.

    I for one, will never complain about the NHS again. Go NHS!

  • The NHS is good, I enjoyed their hospitality for a few weeks last year.

    But having just come out of a Swedish hospital I wanted them to fly me back! It cost me 30Euro to be admitted and I believe 5Euro a night to cover food/bed but the rest is government funded and very good.

    One of the uk doc even told me I was lucky I happened to be in Sweden when I got ill, as the first test they ran on me which discovered my tumor would probably not have been done in the uk and I would be dead! :eek:

  • Have had a mix of experiences with the NHS - Gloucester were ace mostly, hated Chelt, and am only confused by Guildford at the mo. We're lucky to have it.

  • i ve been under nhs a few times since 2005 for various different ops and one night in with my daughter who was poorly they do a fab job. ive never had any cause for comp-laint with the exception of once of a midwife who was extremely short with me for asking for help re feeding my newborn. other than that ive found it to be a positive experience esp when you consider some countries lack of basic health provisions or an expensive pay per use system i dont think we do to bad at all.