What was the last movie you watched?: Take 2

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  • Because of Black Panther they showed Ryan Coogler's first film Fruitvale Station on TV about a day in the death of Oscar Grant. It's a great way of immortalising somebody who died so young and needlessly - a cop's gun - the cop's court defence (mitigating circumstances) was he thought it was the laser and he got 11 months . . . I thought they hired professionals to do that sort of thing?

    The film follows Oscar Grant through a normal day, his family, friends, current problems to do with work and not going 'stray' and his relationship with his girl-friend. The humanising of such a death is a good counterpoint to News, it's an excellent film.

    Oscar Grant video

  • A QUIET PLACE !!!!

    Wowwww They Defo Got This Great Suspensful Scary Movie Right !!!

    As Normall Any Or Most Scifi/Horror Ends Up Crap Rubbish.......

    BUT ...Wowwww They Got This Right ....

    Its Soooo Clever Done ....Sooooo Real And Well Thought Out ...Nobody And I Mean Nobody Is SAFE In This Movie Which Is Great As Most Movies The Main Peeps Always Nevee Get Killed No Matter How Many Times They Come Face To Face With Monsters Or Physcos Etc ..

    But In This NOBODY Is SAFE !!!!

    Its Soooo End Of Seat Suspense And Hidey Behind Cushions hahaha And Wowwww The Creatures Are Amazing Not Stupid Or Naff Looking Like Most Sci Fi Creature Features ..

    So If You Want Something Different ..Great Acting .On Edge Suspense Scares And So Cleverful Thought Out Scifi/Horror Totally Different Then This Is Defo A Great Watch ..

    I Loved It Even Though I Was Heart Pumping And Scaredy Cat HAHAHA

    What You See In Trailer Clip Is What You Get All The Way Through And Not Just The Best Bits And Rest Crap Like Most Movie Trailers ...In Fact It Just Gets Better And Better Because It Is Sooo Real And How It Would Be If You Was Trying To Survive In That Silent Movie Trailer .

    And It Makes You Think "Could You Survive? And How Long Do You Think You Could Survive Without Making The Most Smallest Of Noise? Hahaha

  • I've just seen Everest. I wanted to see the 3D version when it first came out (though it seemed odd such a film would be in 3D). It was based on a real life expedition and put the threat to life to the fore. Too often we see the thrill of conquering a mountain, it was interesting to see this film on what can go wrong.

    The film was about how in the early 90s it became possible to be taken up Everest, as sort of professionally 'safe' guided tours. $65 grand. Before that it was exclusively professional and one in four died going up Everest. With these tours, for a period of time, there were no deaths, but you had to follow orders, take oxygen and, if a sudden threat appeared, come down without reaching the top if you were ordered.

    That said, Everest isn't totally predictable and things can go terrifyingly wrong.

    The filming is beautifully shot and the characters are brought to life. Everest and the storm are wild. I wouldn't climb Everest, though I'd love to see it, I wouldn't want to lose my nose.

  • I saw Lady Bird today with Saoirse Ronan as the lead - about her dreaming for a better life, going to college etc, but meanwhile figuring out family, friends and life in general. It's done with wit, warmth and wisdom.

  • Finally went to see The Shape of Water: it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Size definitely does matter. He has huge eyes! Wow. It really is a beautiful story of alien love. Everybody is going to want a reptile after this.

  • The last two films I saw were both French. French films, at their best, have an amazing insight into life and death, relations between people, realistic, poignant, humourous, everything. The two films were Aurore (the name of the protagonist) and 100 BPM.

    Aurore was about a woman going through menopause, doing her best, but sometimes getting it wrong. There is so much emphasis on people having to do the right thing now. At the beginning of the film was a scene I didn't particularly like - Aurore's female friend makes a scene on a stranger (male) she decides to dislike just because he is with a 'way-to-young' woman. She goes up and pretends to be an ex-girlfriend and is really abusive with her act. I thought oh no, this is going to be women being 'over-liberated' (or whatever: lazy phrase); but no it wasn't that kind of film. Aurore actually meets this man later on in the film and it's interesting what happens. Wonderful - people bumping in to each other in life . . .

    100 BPM is about the French AIDS activist group, Act Up. I can get a bit tired of AIDS stuff and being gay, there are other sides to gay life . . . but also you need to know what's going on. It's an amazing film. There are a couple scenes handled in the film where I think, well that's the best way I've ever seen that handled. (Don't want to reveal spoilers.) It's too easy to say activists go too far in some cases, throwing fake blood at professionals not listening, etc, but they are living / dying it - acts have different meaning to them and it's well worth remembering that in the film. They desperately wanted change and a proper dialogue with the pharmaceuticals and other institutions. Through these activists awareness and change was instigated so much quicker, who knows how many lives have been eased through there actions. The film puts that to the fore - well worth seeing.

  • I went to see How to Talk to Girls at Parties at the cinema. (It's a stupid title for the film, gives no idea of what it is about and yes, the girl tittered when I asked for a ticket to see . . . )

    It merges SF and punk and is really out there with the aliens. From the beginning I felt I was watching something original and unexpected - great fun.

    One strange thing - the film is of the late 70s punk scene and in it one character says, "Let's partaaaaay." That didn't seem 70s.

  • I took my son to see the latest Avengers superhero thingy and it was truly awful. They've got like school nativity plays, you know the way that they create a story in order to include every child in the class? It was like that, just a rambling assembling of people for no real reason. The positive was I had assumed it would be bad and so booked the comfy premier seats and had a little nap :)

  • I took my son to see the latest Avengers superhero thingy and it was truly awful. They've got like school nativity plays, you know the way that they create a story in order to include every child in the class? It was like that, just a rambling assembling of people for no real reason. The positive was I had assumed it would be bad and so booked the comfy premier seats and had a little nap :)

    vote with your eyelids ???

  • Went to see BEAST, a powerful take on real* Evil. It all takes place in a small community on the island of Jersey. I have no idea of what life on Jersey would be like.

    The moral stance of the film is brave, so the film stays with you.

    * Thinking about this, I had to edit. The film is more about the ambiguity of Evil.

  • Three nights ago I watched 1968 - The Party

    Two nights ago I watched long strange trip about the grateful dead

    Last night watched 1968 - Revolution, 1967 - Riot on the sunset strip, and 1968 - I love you Alice B Toklas

    Today watched Monterey Pop Festival

    All were as expected and I enjoyed them all :)

    Songs in my head since watching it

  • Francois Ozon is a director to watch. I really liked Criminal Lovers, a bit like a fairy tale gone wrong. And Potiche with the great Catherine Deneuve is more mainstream with a strong storyline and real characters.

    I have just gone to see L'Amant Double. Like Ciminal Lovers, it a film which goes over the top, but does it so expertly you take it seriously. Unfortunately I needed to go to the toilet and resisted throughout the film. This may have affected my engagement with the film. The film had a gripping subject about twins (doubles) and explores the theme beautifully on many levels, psychologically, emotionally and forensically (!!!). The two central characters were beautiful to watch and the film was stylish - it was also nice to see Jacqueline Bisset! Time hasn't been cruel to her.

    The problem with the film (unless it was me needing to take a piss) is that I didn't lose myself in it. It's very Brian De Palma, but to be fair, Ozon is better than De Palma (apart from Carrie). It's beautifully done, beguiling and intelligent, but then it gets a bit too messed up with all the different possibilities thrown in - some fantastic scenes perhaps destroying the sense of the film, as though Ozon had to shove in every extreme element just to keep the twists going.

    I left the film thinking I wanted to like it more and relieved by my visit to the toilet. It might be the kind of film which is better the second time running?

  • The Sightseers ... hmm, expected a Yorkshire based romcom... WRONG! tint wot ya think, at all.

    this is the third Yorkshire based film that has left me bewildered and traumatised. I have almost erased the other two from my mind.. one Thirsk based, one Grimsby based, now this one..... Yorkshire film writers... sick as fuck. seriously. (scuse the sweariness, but...)

  • I watched Les Combattants last night. I was hoping, but not expecting it to be so surprisingly good. It snuck up on me. It's about a girl and a boy meeting, but takes it from a more combative slant.

    The girl is a frustrated 'tom boy'; frustrated that nobody respects her strength, even in army training camp. Constant rejection makes her feel she has to prove herself as tough even more. She also embraces the idea of the coming apocalypse unaware she is heading for her own personal apocalypse.

    The boy is the polar opposite, at ease and comfortable in his skin, he is sensitive and not brash like the girl. The ease at which the boy fits in his / the world makes it all the more obvious for the viewer how awkward and unjust the girl's struggle is.

    He falls for her and can't escape her attraction. They have a few things in common and the movie follows how their minds truly come to meet. There was a point in the film where I wondered where the film was heading, but that didn't last long. The quiet, deliberate build up of the film is beautiful to watch as the subject of the title reaches its resolution.

    Les Combattants - trailer

  • pixiejanet1 - Sightseers is in a world of its own. The first time I saw it, I caught it halfway through, I thought what the fuck am I watching. The film seemed a bit grotty. But I was hypnotised. Because with the grot, it was also very acute.

    When I watched it properly I liked it more, appreciating the SICK humour which remains just as good throughout the whole film. I think Ben Wheatley represents a new wave for indie UK film and Sightseers is the best of them for me (maybe a good thing - do we want a lot of films like this?). High Rise was interesting and it was more 'polished' (but not as gripping), and A Field in England was a waste of time - I simply didn't get it.

    She did a film with similar humour as a pregnant woman, Prevenge, you might have seen it. And he did a film about an exorcism, Dark Circle.

    Campers and walkers beware! And the little white dog is soooo cute.

  • I went to see A Quiet Place yesterday. For some reason I wasn't expecting too much.

    It was fantastic fun, kept me gripped throughout. I don't want to say too much, to spoil it. I knew hardly nothing and that made it better. But what I can say, is the characters are great. You really care about them - watching these characters and their love for each other is a joy. The deaf girl was particularly good.

    Excellent 'post-armageddon' movie.

  • I watched Everest last night on I think it was film4 :/

    It was good! Very sad though. I had a few tears coz it's a true story. I love all the Everest films & books. I just find it fascinating. I'm not sure why, I just do. Minutes before they die I'm like "Why would you do it? Why didn't you stay home?" But then when the others reach the top & get back down alive I'm like "That's cool, I get why you did that". It's a very brave thing to do but sometimes it can end up a bit of a dickhead move :shrug: