how healthy are you

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  • Nice thread Jay. Its good to see someone lauding up the undertaking of exercise no matter how big or small. Nice resting pulse there. Not always due to superfit-ness though i had a mate when i ran pubs who smoked 40 a day and drank at least 6 pints a day and his resting rate was 49 :eek:!!

    Interesting to ask that age old.. fit for what? If you want endurance i doubt there are many to rival an elite marathon runner... but could you lift 100kg over your head if required?? It really depends on what you want your 'fitness' for.

    Really good to see everyone putting in the effort and making positive changes!! Keep up the good work!! :D:D

  • Oh btw not sure about my fitness currently, just rejoined the gym, last time i ran seriously i managed a 5.20 mile and my resting HR is around 52 atm. No specific exercise involves, lots of dog walking and a VERY physical job helps. I have no belief in BMI either!! According to that most professional atheletes are obese or anorexic so it just depends on how 'average' your body type is!!

  • Yes i know what you mean reacher, a friend of mine was a competative power lifter and i always took the piss saying he didnt train and himm of me saying that running was just a fast walk lol, one day went to gym to watch him and fck me i looked very hard and wtf is that when the bar bends when you lift it :) then i jumped on treadmill and maxed it out, it said cant attain max speed lol,
    The smallest steps can make a diffrence so thats why i got thread up, not everyone is a runner or can run but i recon we can all feel a bit better within ourselves without going silly :D

  • how fit am i?

    im not atm.
    but i can vouch for Jays eating....
    jeebus , i dunno where he puts it ;)

  • I wrote a nice long reply but a sign keeps coming up saying its too short. I can't copy and paste it and I can't be botherd to write it out all over again so I'll put a basic version of my currrent program down.

    Two full body workouts using stripping sets for each exersise and 5 days a week of obla and sprint intervals: a minimum of 20km doing obla (80-90 percent of maximum heart rate) then using that pace as the rest interval. I usually do 10-15 sprints for as long as possible.

  • I went swimming this morning for the first time in about 3 years. :eek: It's the start of me getting back on track, building up some strength and stamina before I dig out my running shoes. :) 20 lengths slow and steady. (Considered doing more but it was gone half past 7 and there was getting to be too many people in my lane i.e. more than two :lol:)

  • As I'm a personal trainer if anyone would like any advice on nutrition or how to keep fit etc you can message me or post on here and I'll get back to you. :)

  • As I'm a personal trainer if anyone would like any advice on nutrition or how to keep fit etc you can message me or post on here and I'll get back to you. :)

    could you please take my body and make it look all toned again like when i was 18 but *without* hurting my knee, please?

    just bring it back when you're done!!!:whistle:

  • Update kind of thing. I've been keeping up with this pretty much every day. Combined with eating more healthily, I've lost half a stone since this time last year. :woohoo:Physically in other ways things have gone pretty downhill for me, and because of the probs I have with my feet and knees I can hardly walk at all now and am needing a stick just to get across the room. :oap: However, I'm determined to get as fit as possible in other ways. I've even been swimming - and I'm terrified of water! :o (Thanks to a fab friend for sorting that one. :thumbup:) When I'm too scared to take my feet off the bottom (I really am phobic!) I use the water to get as much exercise as possible in other ways, eg, scissoring my legs, and just walking in the water. It's a fantastic feeling to be able to stand for longer than I ever would without the water. Once I get my wheelchair I'll be getting a *lot* of arm exercise so will hopefully get fitter that way too. Big goal for this year is to get over that fear of being immersed in water and get swimming properly. :flower:

    Thanks loads to Jay for the motivation, tips and encouragement. :cheerlead How are others getting on? x

  • well done you :D the water is great for stress free exersize ( unless your scared lol ) keep up the fantastic work, im just about to start training hard again as later in the year i have a mad idea for a personal challange :) lots of running on the moors at the moment to build up my base fittness, all done at a low heart rate to get max gains, then in a few weeks will add a bit of speed to my running and get out more on the mountin bike for my rest days, have a few long days mountineering planed for the summer as well, may be looking for helpers with the mad plan but dont worry you dont need to be fit to help

  • ooops have been pretty lazy lately, even the yoga is on hold cos my instuctor is ill at mo. Have done some all day walking in the countryside stints but not enough of em really. Focus woman, focus.

    yay well done Tordisa you've been doing great :) you are also a braver woman than me getting in the pool! i also have fear of water but that's mostly swimming pools (bad memories of so called swimming lessons at school have scarred me for life!) I'll pootle around in the sea in a big pink rubber ring but u won't find me near a pool no way (ugh feel sick just thin king of swimming baths ugh)

  • At the moment I am probably of average fitness. I am currently trying to cycle every where at the moment, the more cycling I do the quicker I can go. My average speed has been creeping up slowly and have a target of about 15 mph. Although on the flat I can maintain that average and can push on for travelling at 20mph.

    My main aim for fitness is endurance, I hope some point in the future I afford to at least by a sailing dinghy and start racing again. Sailing on a beat in a blow really tests your strength and stamina, trying to hike out hard works your core muscles out.

  • i plan on getting back into my swimming after the wedding............ i used to swim about a mile regularly and felt great for it but think it will be a while before im back upto that again

    it is impossible to be unhappy whilst wearing my baby in a tattoo style mei tai!!!

  • my goals are to get in shape to attempt the bob graham round late summer or early next year, something i thought about for a long time so need to see if i can manage to do it

  • unfortunately I cracked my ribs 5 weeks ago and haven't been able to do much. I also had a bit of a chocolate binge over Easter, but I'm now back on the Rosemary Conley Diet (the fitness will have to wait until my ribs are a bit better) and went to the weigh in on Wednesday, I lost 2lb over the past 5 weeks while I've been ill making a total of 1st 6lb since the 20th Jan :D down from a size 24 to a size 20 :D and my fitness is much improved since then as well. Other than the hurty ribs I feel great, better than I have for years. I cant wait for my ribs to heal so I can do some aerobics again and start riding my new bike and go swimming

  • I go through stages of being fit and then not (generally goes with winter and summer!)

    I'm sorry but I am not sure how your BMI could be 6. I am 5'6" and for my BMI to be that low I would have to weigh less than 40lbs...I'm pretty sure my skeleton, blood and organs alone would weight an awful lot more than that. How tall are you? I know the BMI isn't particularly the most reliable source for judging fitness etc, but I'm still not convinced anyones could be as low as 6 without keeling over. I'm not trying to be horrible here, I'm genuinely interested how this could be possible.

  • my bmi drops to 10 when i marathon race fit, lance armstrong records a bmi of 6 when in the tour de france and bmi is not linked to directly to weight more linked to fat and hydradion levels! if i do a long run in the heat my bmi goes up and weight goes down :) If you look on the start line of any major marathon at the elite runners you will see they are carring very little exess fat. Giving them a low/very low bmi

  • I have been recording my riding to and from the place I volunteer at on a spreadsheet.

    My route I take is about 4 miles long with some pretty big hills, it is the hills that kill my average speed as they slow me down to 5mph long enough. Btw these hills are steep enough for most people to consider getting off and walking up! I have brought my average speed going there from just over 9mph to just under 11mph and on the return leg from just over 10mph to just over 13mph. On the flat I can fly along at 20mph with ease and push 25mph with a sprint.

    One of the biggest things I have noticed since I have been regularly cycling is that my recovery times have been dropping and generally I feel much fitter.

  • recovery times are ace :D they prove you are gettin fitter, well done!! think im about to start training very hard for my next race, im hoping to see my resting heart rate drop over the next 6 weeks as i build base fittness, and after that my bmi should also start to drop, recovery rate is still quite fast showing i havn't lost much fittness, but next event is much harder and further than i have ever pushed before. After sundays 8 mile fell run took less than 2 mins for my hr to drop below 70 so was very chuffed.
    Keep up the good work folks your all doing great :D