arthritis in THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!!

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  • This is Jess. She`s about 12 years old and is starting to have problems with arthritis. She is a very active dog but pays for it the next day with major stiffness in her back. I give her cod liver oil and she has turmeric on her dinner.
    Does anyone have any advice on helping her out that is not going to bankrupt us with massive vet bills.
    I`m wondering about different sorts of beds and stuff cos there are masses out there to choose from. not sure about magnetic blankets though as I`ve used magnet therapy for various injuries with no real improvement, thankyou x x x

  • Sorry to hear that Jess has problems. my border collie is only five and she suffers from stiff back legs. i find that massaging her really helps, and she does enjoy it. sometimes when we are out she will lean against me which i have discovered means massage my legs.

    i have just started to give her Glucosamine, but not been on it long enough to see any difference yet, although i know several dog owners that swear by it. so probably worth a try.
    i hope you find something that works for him.

    Whoops meant Her not Him!!!!!

    If its not a Border Collie its only a dog!

  • I think I shall try the glucosamine but I`ll see the vet first, cos I did try her on an equivalent dosage of human glucosamine to what is in the pedigree chum chew things and it seemed to affect her kidneys, she was leaving wet patches everywhere. I thought I was being clever but ended up feeling very guilty! But I would have thought it was all the same stuff!

    Thanks everyone x x x x

  • the vet wants £30 just to see her. I might just try the glucosamine off the shelf at the pet shop place. I dont think the vet can tell me any more than i know myself already or what the guys on here can tell me !!!

  • glucosamide, acupuncture, massages & v low resiue food helped mine x

    ps she's lovely :)

    ditto all of the above....

    My beloved Golden Retriever, Lemmy, had arthritis...

    twice a day I massaged his legs after walks...mixed a bit of Cod Liver Oil into his dinner..he loved the massages:)

    I found out that medicine suitable for kids worked on the dog..My mates dad was a consultant and used children's medicine on his setters;)

  • good idea...thankyou....maybe Calpol would be good if she gets really bad.

    We are supposed to be going away next week which will involve a lot of walking so i`ll see what happens .

  • good idea...thankyou....maybe Calpol would be good if she gets really bad.

    We are supposed to be going away next week which will involve a lot of walking so i`ll see what happens .

    no, try junior disprol...Calpol is too sweet:)

    invest in some wheat bags to wrap around the achy joints...

  • If i were you i would limit the amount she runs etc - running is of course good but if it is causing her problems limit it - dog hydrotherpy is excellent for arthritis too - but its tracking down a place that does it

  • good idea...thankyou....maybe Calpol would be good if she gets really bad.

    We are supposed to be going away next week which will involve a lot of walking so i`ll see what happens .

    ooh no not calpol, you shouldn't give doggies paracetamol.


  • We tried everything with our old lady, ended up useing
    Glucosamine,green lipped mussel and 2 x weekly hydrotherapy sessions.
    Magnet massage after her swims and she wore a bio collar.
    had limeted regular excersise and lots and lots of love

  • warm gentle magic hands work wonders.. if you know someone who has naturally healing hands or who is perhaps a reiki therapist ask them to come visit and i bet your Jess makes a beeline for them and installs herself under their hands - she's lovely :) my spannerdog also has stiff hips - think its a collie trait sadly and he loves a good bum rub now n then and probably more so the older he gets (6 in september)

  • I'd go with the Glucosamine too,my mate's west highland terrier
    (11 years old),seems to have improved since he was started on it.You can by dog treats of it.I also take the tablets and find it helps :)

    You've either had the glimpse of life from the rim of the gold fish bowl or you're still stuck in the gravel.Some,however, are out playing with the cat.

  • I'd also try Rosehip for arthritis too [you can google it for more info] available from herbal shops etc or online.

    It comes in tablet or powder form and can be mixed into his nosh.:D. :waves:...

  • green lipped muscle is good

    my 12 year old lab x collie had a semi-stroke 3 years ago with arthritis, but she's good, albeit stiff in this weather.

    swimming and drying immediately when home ;o)

  • my old girl fen had it, and acupuncture really helped her. aso she was stubborn, so when you let her off lead she would still run like a pup, but man she suffered for it a few hours later an could barely get up, so keep the excercise controlled so she doesn't overdo it. and as an add on, fen also got a bit weak in the bladder dept aroiund the same time.
    love to you bothxxx

  • Thanks everybody for all your input. we are really grateful. She`s just been such a special friend to me and walked with me through so many troubles as well as happy times I want to keep her as happy as I can.

    The strangest thing is , Ive just had a cheque today for 95£ from shares that my mum had. So I reckon she`s still keeping an eye on me!!! So I`m off to get the stuff reccommended and a comfy thick thermal mat thing from Jollys!!!

    Thankyou masses for caring!!!!:sunsmile:

  • hey glucosamine + chondroitin, devils claw or green lipped mussel extract are all good for arthritis the green lipped mussel is supposed to be the best out of the three its not exactly cheap but its not stupidly expencive either if you look on holand and barrets website. Good look and good vibes for you and Jess x

  • My 14 year old cat has stiffness problems too and for Christmas I got him a heat pad to sleep on and he loves it. He lays on it all night and it has improved how mobile he is come the morning. You can buy them off EBay for the price of the visit to the Vets and sometimes if you are lucky and there aren't lots of people looking to buy on the day you try you can get a bargain.