General Anaesthetic

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  • Quote from Paul

    It's tomorrow, but I'm just getting over a cold/bad chest so there's a bit of me hoping that they'll send me away :scared:

    big hugs hun...will think caring,calming thoughts and ping 'em your way

  • Conversation last night

    "You'll be fine, I promise"

    "Yeah? So if I'm not fine then will you chop off one of your fingers with a hatchet?"

    "No I bloody won't"

    "But you promised I'd be fine, if you were that sure then you wouldn't mind gambling your finger on this ... I mean, I'll be fine, so what have you got to lose?"

    "Well of course there is some risk"

    "So, that's it, I'm gong to die and you just wanna pull the wool over my eyes and pretend I'll be fine"

    "Well I'm sure you'll be ok"

    "So there won't be any pain afterwards"

    "I didn't say that"

    "Obviously some use of the word 'fine' that I haven't heard before then"

    And so on ...


  • Quote from Paul

    I'm having it at St. Barts, which is part of the same trust as the Royal London.

    It's tomorrow, but I'm just getting over a cold/bad chest so there's a bit of me hoping that they'll send me away :scared:

    I know Barts. My doctor mate's working in one of 'em if it's Bart's I'll get 'im to look in on you, if you like.
    Depends on your white blood cell count, mate, I should imagine. If it looks like you're still fighting something off then they might postpone it. But if it's just a bit of left over phlegm then you'll probably be going in.
    It'll be cool. You'll fall asleep in 10 seconds and wake up in post-op. No worries. :)

  • I was shitting myself ... I told them that I wanted sedation rather than a general and nearly walked out. Then the consultant came and spoke to me, convincing me to trust him.

    If it was as bad as I worried it would be then I'd be dead ... so no :D

    ... But I'm starving and can only eat liquidy stuff ... through a straw :rolleyes:

  • Yeah that bits shite - but tomorrow you should be able to eat normally - I had mine done under sedation and that was fine, i was more chilled then sedated lol - glad your ok though x

  • Quote from Atomik

    Ah, I see. Just the bit by the tooth then. Boy, that's really gonna hurt. :reddevil:

    Well 4 days on and my face still feels like crap.

    ... and yep, I was right, they had to shave my jawbone to make a hole for the tooth to slip through :vomit:

    More worrying is that a small part of my tongue feels like it's been wacked with a hammer and then soaked in novacaine ... The surgeon told me there was a small risk of nerve damage, I'm just hoping that this isn't it.

  • i can remember being under general anesthetic, hours of fun, i thought i was still going under when i was coming around, wondered when they were going to operate on me!