General Anaesthetic

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  • I've got to have a general anaesthetic in a couple of weeks for a double tooth extraction.

    Anyone got any experiences? Am I gonna be wrecked for days afterwards or will I be back to normal in no time?

    I had a sedative called midazolam for a root filling a few years back and that rendered me incapable for a whole weekend.

    I'm not looking forward to this :rolleyes:

  • I had a general and a local when they operated on my ankle. I was out as soon as they stuck the needle in. It was a bit fuzzy when I came around, but the only real side-effect was drowsiness really. And I'm not sure how much of that was the subsequent large doses of morphine. :D

  • One wisdom tooth is wonky ... it isn't impacted but it is coming out at a right angle and the position meant that the tooth next to it never got cleaned properly ... Hence that one coming out too. They did mention that my jawbone may need a bit of shaving down :eek:

  • You'll be fine! I had all 4 taken out awake and one wasn't through yet, so I had to have it rammed out!!

    I've had a general once.. Out as soon as the needle went in and then I came round.. was a bit "where the fuck am I?" and it took a while to get my eyesite back to normal.. but within about an hour I was sat up having a cuppa

  • Quote from Laney

    I've had a general once.. Out as soon as the needle went in and then I came round.. was a bit "where the fuck am I?" and it took a while to get my eyesite back to normal.. but within about an hour I was sat up having a cuppa

    Yeah, we saw you in the morning sat outside Paul's van. :harhar:

  • When I had my wisdom teeth out by general anaesthetic it took me a week to recover but they had to chisel one tooth in two to get it out :confused: I was very woozy headed for about 6 or 7 days mate. Can't really compare when I had Charlie cos I was fucked up on morphine but wisdom teeth general took me about a week to fully recover. Just take it easy mate - anaesthetic effects people differently - certain anaesthetists use certain combinations and others use others - they will only just put enough general in for you to go just under anaesthetic mate. Just don't go hairing around like normal in the week after your op and you should be fine :)

    Love n Sunshine
    Sarah XxX

  • I used to work in an operating theatre so I know a bit about it. Midazolam is reckoned to stay in your system for 24hours - if it took longer than that to get rid of it then you may be susceptable and it may be worth mentioning it to the anaesthetist. There are quite a few different drugs they can use for anaesthetic so its impossible to say how you are going to feel afterwards. To some extent it depends on how long you are likely to be under. You should get a chance to speak to the 'gas-man' before your op so he/she should be able to tell you. If you have a particular reason for wanting to be ok asap (like needing to drive the next day), they'll probably do their best to make sure they use something you'll get over quickly.

  • Strangely enough, despite working there, I'm really really bad about anaesthetics. I'm always sure I'm not going to wake up. Last time I had one, I woke up sobbing uncontrollably becasue I was so relieved that I was still alive! Anaesthetists are used to this. Are you getting the chance to go to a pre-op clinic? If so, they are usually run by the anaesthetic department so its a good chance to talk about whats going to happen. If not, you will definately get the chance to talk to someone on the day. They won't think you are weak, stupid or a coward if you tell them exactly what you are worried about and will be able to something to help.

  • I had one a few years ago when i was getting a small operation. I felt fine afterwards, just a little tired but i desperately needed the toilet, and the nurse said it was fine to go. Whilst i was in there though, i fainted and hit my head off the wall. I came round about a minute later, as my fiance (now ex) and a couple of nurses had rushed in. I was naked when they found me, cos my gown had fallen off :o and i caught a glimpse of myself as they carried me past the mirror back to my bed... i looked like Regan from The Exorcist! I think it took me a couple of days to gain my strength back, not too long really. Just don't try going to the toilet soon afterwards!

  • I haven't actually been under a general yet. If I had chosen to go ahead with my knee op I would of done. One of the reasons I decided not to go through with the op was because I have issues surrounding going under a general. It is to do with the fear of not being in control and not waking up.
    As a kid I know the ENT surgeon mentioned about surgery to take a gander at my cochlear to accertain as to why my ears don't work properly. Now they have thes scanners that can do the job.

  • Yep! had two sets of four out when I was a kid. All I can say is enjoy the fact its under general ani rather than having to watch your mouth get ripped apart. I will still demand a general ani if I have ever got to get more done (Happy to admit that I'm 'squeemish' - ie I faint easy)

  • I love going under anaesthetic - the feeling that you WILL drift of somewhere is the best lol - for every hour you are under it takes your body a week to recover - but where its a exraction is will proberly tke about 15 minutes - from start to finish - I had 2 taken out under loacl and some sedation stuff - that was amusing. You will be fine - buy lots of soup and stuff - and when they have finished dont put your tounge in the hole!!!!!!!!!

  • Quote from wiggy

    and when they have finished dont put your tounge in the hole!!!!!!!!!

    Who's hole? :eek:

    I was terrified when Stu had his operation, I think it was actually him that said people can react and die under general anesthetic the bastard!! Obviously he lived.......the anesthetist said that he kept holding his breath while he was coming around so I had to watch him to make sure he was breathing ok.

    Erm, not sure that helped you Paul!!! I'd recommend lots of sleep afterwards if you can along with lots of water just to allow your body to rest and recover.

  • Let us know when it is Paul and we can all be sending you vibes. As you're coming round again you can swim to the happy shining vibes of ukhippies wishing you well!

  • i've got some devil horns that flash on and off:reddevil:
    sad thing is..i do have a box of 'dressing up clothes' that i could pull it off with:o

  • Where is it, mate? Royal London? I had a general once (didn't want it as it was only an exploratory on my knees). Out inside o' 10 seconds and woke up in post-op on the dot. Couple of hours later I was sittin' up 'avin' a cuppa and some toast. Bit wobbly for a little while but fine the next day. :)

  • Wishing you the very best for tomorrow mate. Hope they don't put it off - its only going to give you more time to stress over it! You WILL be fine!