Meet Lolly...

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  • they are really being wary of each other just now.....i must be careful how i handle this, i dont want Moo thinking i love her less...she seems very jealous..

    little one is sat in corner growling...moo is beside the chair peeping...moo seems 2x bigger just now! lol

  • Lolly is lovely , Janet! Why did her owner not want her?

    they have an old Tom who was getting very aggressive toward her...apparently..and lolly is quite active and playful, as kittens are..
    the owner brought her round and seemed quite reluctant to leave her...i`ll update her on Lollys progress tho:)

  • Hello Lolly,and you Moonbeam,im sure they will get on it will just take a few weeks.

  • Aww lovely!

    If you want the introductions to be a success you really need to slow down and keep them apart for a while. There is a lot of info out there. It's a slow careful process :

  • awwww.........tooo cute!!! :D

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  • she is gorgeous hunny
    i cant understand anyone giving pets on freecycle you just dont know who will answer the add
    thank goodness she found you hunny

    Ditto, especially cats when we have Cats Protection. Still, on our local Freecycle/Petcycle people usually state they will do a home visit.

    She's beautiful pixiejanet :D

  • she is gorgeous hunny
    i cant understand anyone giving pets on freecycle you just dont know who will answer the add
    thank goodness she found you hunny

    On some freecycle groups they do not allow people to offer live animals to rehome. Others do though. Our local ones all seem to allow it. I nearly always used to reply to anyone putting pets up advising them they would be better to take their pet to a local re-homing centre and gave them the number to call, but now I don't do that as a lot of centres are full to bursting point and they are either turning these animals away or they are advising people to have the pets put to sleep. Yep you heard me right, even places that say they have a policy of never putting healthy animals to sleep have advised people I've talked to that they won't take the pet and that if they can't re-home them themselves they would be best to have them distroyed. I think this is why in our area we had a large increase of animals being offered on freecycle just before Christmas. The re-homing centres just can't cope. There are way too many unwanted animals out there and until our society stops treating animals as throw away commodities this will not change.

    Well done Janet for giving this beautiful kitty another chance of a loving home. I hope Lolly and moonbeam soon learn to tolerate each other and slowly become firm friends. With lots of careful management and a careful introduction I'm sure you'll succeed!

  • having a small house its hard to keep them apart...but right now Lolly is on the chair and moonbeam has gone upstairs to sleep on my bed...
    Lolly sleeps in our room on a night....she seems to like that...Moo has the lounge on a seems to be working... if they catch sight of one another its Lolly who is causing the ruckus.....she`s a feisty one thats for sure! she has a very amusing range of vocals...Moo just miaows....:)