antidepressants and breastfeeding

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  • does or did anyone here take them? did / do you notice any change in your baby?

    asking specifically in regards to sertraline/ lustral but any anti-d feedback would be useful.

    also... can post natal depression set in at 4.5 months?

  • i can't answer the questions about anti-d's honey but i can tell you that PND can hit at anytime and quite often it's not immediatley after birth but some time later .. i had it bad after i had Charlie but it didn't start until he was about 10 months old :hug:
    Always here for a natter if you need someone to offload onto honey :hug: xxxxx

  • I'm sorry i can't give any information on either but i strongly recommend phoning the Breastfeeding Network Helpline (the number is in a sticky at the top of this thread) as they have a pharmacist online who has extensive experience with breastfeeding. She'll be able to give any info you're looking for on what you can safely take and what effects they will have and if there will be transfer etc.

    Hope you find out what you're looking for....and feel better soon.

  • thanks all. i feel like shite but i think a lot of it is that i am so tired and also v isolated. at the mo the only people i see are frigging paid carers and i feel like i am not worth much. i want more for my daughter than isolation. the friends i have are not v local, and a lot are unreliable too which doesn;t help. i know i need to make new ones but i cannot get out until i can drive which means going for high rate dla and getting an adapted car.

    what bought it home to me was when i got really ill a few weeks ago and couldn;t get any help. there is no fucking way my kid is going into foster care if i get ill . the people i contacted didn't reply or call back. i have tried to talk to some of them to say how i am feeling but it feels like nobody is listening nor gives a shit.

    its a combo of stuff.... all i know is that i feel fucking shite. and i want my daughter to have a good life not a housebound lonely one

  • awwww mate :hug: :hug: :hug: i can understand why you are feeling down, am afraid i don't have any sage words at present but hope something crops up for you and so sorry to hear how you have been let down by your friends :( xxx

  • cheers x that is why i need some new ones.... pref. with kids too
    i went through a lot to have her and afterwards too so that is prob hitting me also. i would rather do it without meds tbh but not sure if i can.

  • oh mate i wish i live closer...actually to be honest i have no idea where the place you live is...thus why i need a transported star trek style. i've been where you are babe, totally isolated with noone able to help. i was lucky to have my parents around to listen but they were working full time. they gave me a car and it saved my sanity.

    have you got anyone to help you with the dla forms and stuff, its a hell of a fight i know. being stuck in on your own with a litle one is never easy, but so muchharder when you have health issues.

    I know that some anti-depressants go into the breast milk, many are not suitable for b/fding mothers, you need to speak to your doctor really, they can advise you and maybe find other ways to help you feel better. they may be able to help organise transport to places for you both. Sure start are a wicked organisation who offer lots of support to people in tricky situations, but im not sure if its the same in wales.

    loads of love

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • when i had PND i found it really really helped me to go through Charlie's birth with a fine tooth comb and then i had some specific counselling to help me come to terms with it all... just wondering if a few sessions with someone to do a pregnancy and birth debriefing might help you lovely? i didn't have meds for PND so it is possible to get through it without xxxxx

  • looking at surestart site now to see what they may be able to offer thank you x

  • when i had PND i found it really really helped me to go through Charlie's birth with a fine tooth comb and then i had some specific counselling to help me come to terms with it all... just wondering if a few sessions with someone to do a pregnancy and birth debriefing might help you lovely? i didn't have meds for PND so it is possible to get through it without xxxxx

    did you get that through your gp? mine was part of the whole drama i had with rosie but was supportive and on side so i could go to her. she hasn;t been much use with my ME til now tho ( 3.5 yrs it has taken to get to see some specialists :whistle: ) but is making more effort recently.

  • yep it suddenly hit me like a wall and i went straight to the doctors saying look i got serious issues about the way Charlie was born and its really making me ill... he referred me straight back to the head of the maternity unit at the hospital where Charlie had been born, she came out and debriefed the entire period of time that we were in there... a month in total....from my reactions to alot of what she told me (i didn't know the half of what had happened to me including just how poorly i had been) she referred me immediatley to post natal counselling for traumatic birthing experiences where i got an intensive 10 week course of CBT. The support *is* out there but i think sometimes it is difficult for women to access it... i would try your GP but if you don't get anywhere then maybe go back to your midwife and Doula and see if they can sort something out maybe? xxxxxx

  • thanks x the head of midwives was part of the prob so won't be going to her as she is a nob... but i may try my gp for some cbt. i have phoned about this morning and have found a family centre by me. i called them and explained my situation and they are coming to see me tue. not only that - i told them i was housebound and they have offered me transport whenever i want to go! they have homeopathy, courses, baby rooms, sensory rooms, a food co-op, play workers and more importantly other parents i can meet.. she will introduce me the first time so i can get started. i feel a bit better about it. i also told my pa how shit i was feeling so she now knows a bit of what is going on and i think will focus on getting me out today. so that is good eh? thank you...

  • buzy lady :) :) :) well done hun that all sounds fantastic!!! :D hope you can get out and get some fresh air and blow some cobwebs away :hug: xxxxx

  • I take Sertraline.
    now and think its a wonderful drug.
    Its doing the job really well , but am advised this would not be a sutable a/d to take during later pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    It was the same with Cymbalta that i was taking when i was first pregnant with Celyn.
    And its a tough one ... finding the balance between staying sane and doing whas best for baby.
    For me it was stop trying to breastfeed n be supper mum n restart taking my meds.
    I was sad but knew i HAD to do it,for me and celyns sake (and of course the older kids aswell)
    Previously id felt a failiure for " not being strong enough" :(
    With Celyn i felt empowered to follow my heart n know that the choice i took would be the right one.
    and it was.
    I wibbled a bit,but no where near as bad as with my son.
    That was scary ..

    Lots of us here have had similar experiences and im sure would be willing to listen nif its any help at share experiences.
    Big loves hun,
    it aint easy is it :hug: :hug:

  • Just seen above post.....yey for available support,transport ect :)
    Take the offers ,
    Accept a break whilst you get a bit pampered or somthing.
    I eventually accepted reflexology , still have it once a fortnight n its LUSH,its MY hour.
    Go girl,
    see what they got to offer x

  • Been there and got the tee shirt :insane: Didnt take the drugs but with hind sight it might have been better to have taken them

    May i say West Wales is a shit place to be a single lesbian mother its not surprising you have post natal depression ( its a huge part of why I dont live there) I did get offered councelling/CBT but without transport i could not always find the energy to walk to the Doctors (5miles)

    Find other mothers and hang out with them, if you can find any single mums maybe you can support each other, always offer to look after other peoples kids - then they will look after yours

    Brreast feeding network are the people to ask about drugs

  • I got some anti-depressants in August...can't remember which ones now but they were specifically given to me because I was breastfeeding. I can't say more than that though because my memory is totally gone and I never remembered to take them...I'm sure I've still got the box somewhere :S

    If you ever want company I can always come and say hi (I'll bring vegan chocolate :p). When I was in Powys, if I hadn't've gone back to work I never would have survived, couldn't deal with the lack of adult company (even though I'm married, Ben works a lot).