A Proposition and a Question.

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  • I'm not suggesting that you are aiming for chaos, I'm saying that declaring a de facto open season on tradition and authority will result in that, and that the response will then be an increase in fundamentalism in response to the resultant lack of security.

    Me neither. But I dont want to see community eroded by attacking traditiona and authority in themselves.

    The problem is that in many cases these traditions and authorities are corrupt, unreliable, backward looking, narrow etc.
    So if no one questions them, we'll be stuck with all that for good.


    Some can. Some cant. Tradition is part and parcel of human living; an established way of doing things rather than comprehensively reinventing the wheel. By all means question to tweak, but to assume that the wheel needs repeatedly reinventing just ends up with a lot of cultural cars up on bricks :D

    Belief systems are not exactly like the wheel. The wheel only needs to be invented once, and you've got yhe thing. Same with things like mathematical formulae.
    However, the case of religions, political ideologies is a very different matter. History shows they are mutable. Religions which believe in totally different versions of things are possible and exist now.


    That depends on what you believe. Belief and tradition are themselves not inherently unrealistic. Rational secular consumerism has hardly been without problems....and has a record of abuse when numbers become more imporantant than people.

    And in those same religions you will find charity, compassion and caring for others.

    As well as charity and compassion you will also find a lot of blind belief, hypocrisy, confusion, fragmentation, prejudice etc etc.


    And nothing to do with them being manipuated by others; such as Mr Murdoch and his ilk? :whistle:

    If they thought for themselves they wouldn't be under mind control by Murdoch or anyone else.


    Family, community, tradition and authority are normal behaviours and relationships that can also be carried out in an unrealistic manner.

    Traditions change. I'm not attacking community - even though I think it's all but extinct in any meaningful way. I'm not attacking 'family' - but I don't see why different and better social structures can't be evolved. This won't come through adherence to tradition.

    reconsider what you have learned about life - choose to listen to nature's broadcast - the voice of earth....

  • As has also been pointed out, education should encourage questioning as this is the only way people can learn. With all the hoop jumping in the National Curriculum, et al, there is very little scope for genuine questioning.

    So, I think what I'm saying is that thinking for yourself and questioning are good things, but not for everyone. Questioning authority is good if the authority is in the wrong. Just doing it for the sake of it is pointless.

    The education system is letting people down very badly. I don't know what can be done about that.

    On your other point here, how can one know what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' authority if you don't question?

    reconsider what you have learned about life - choose to listen to nature's broadcast - the voice of earth....