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    Wicked!!! Anyone fancy a night out in Norwich!!!

    "We come in peace" they said, to dig and sow we come to work the lands in common and to make the wastegrounds grow this earth divided, we will make whole so it will be a common treasury for all.

  • I've been asking around town about this because most of the good hippie joints (erm, sorry, unintentional pun) as were seem to have vanished into the gentrification of the town. Sorry, City. I meant City. Its a City.
    The Pottergate (aka, The Squattergate) was a good haunt for the alternative scene. The owner bought up The Old White Lion in Oak Street many moons ago, to shift the 'crusties' away from the city centre Pottergate so it could go back to being a 'straight' bozzer. Unfortunately the crusties (more dreadlocks than was comfortable to concieve of) declined to be moved. He went bust a while back and now both pubs have become straight again although I've only been in the Birdcage once since it was renamed. The City Council were miffed because the crusties tended to drink on the green outside - thus giving the tourists a bit of a jolt. The Red Lion (aka, The Dead Brian) near the art school was a full-on alternative pub, closed for several years and is now gentrified too, complete with big screen Sky sports. Ditto the nearby Festival House (aka, the Festering Pit) which is an 'Irish' Pub, Delaneys. They even have bouncers on the door. Good grief. The ghosts of hippies past must be spinning in their urns.
    The Golden Star, on Colegate, was a big hippie hang-out (folk every Monday night) and still retains some of its old hippie-esque atmosphere. Good Abbotts. The Fat Cat Inn (corner of Nelson Street & West End Street) has that feel too and is also a real ale pub for fans of the obscure pint. The Ten Bells on St. Benedicts Street was a hippie/biker pub but attracted rather more drugs squad than was healthy. These days, since refurbishment, its a student hangout. When I first went there it was the top real ale pub, best Abbotts in town and you couldn't move for beer guts.
    I tend to call them 'alternative scene' pubs rather than 'hippie' pubs because when I first moved to this fine City, 25-years ago, I noticed there were pubs full of hippies, bikers, punks and every other form of yoot cult with no one hassling anyone else, all happily co-existing together. A good mix of people. There's probably more alternative pubs than I know about since I don't drink not no never no more ... am too poor. Pubs tend to become what the clientele make them until the landlord decides hippies aren't drinking enough.

    Happy hunting. :waves:

  • I first went there in 1982!! Am reliably informed by Musician friends that its a great night out. (depending on your musical tastes) .;)

    24th October, Rebel Lion Sound System. 31st October Honky Dub. I know members of both, who assure me its worth the travel...
    And room for a Big Green Bus if we got there early enough ! And you can stay the night.

  • 31st October Honky Dub. I know members of both, who assure me its worth the travel...
    And room for a Big Green Bus if we got there early enough ! And you can stay the night.

    Thanks for the heads up on Honky Dub. Matty has been know to do fiddly-widdly electronic things on my band's last album so we should go there for moral support purposes. And flail those dreads about a bit.

    Anyone got any views about The Brickmakers? We played there last year and saw UK Subs once. Its a nice little band venue but a slightly out the way (Sprowston Road) up near the inner ring road. Its also free to play there so no extortionate hiring fees but no late nights because its in a residential area.

    Don't have any info on bus parking facilities, sorry. :waves:

  • HALLOWEEN PARTY NORFOLK :clap: :happydanc: :monster:
    Start Time: Saturday, 31 October 2009 at 20:00
    End Time: Sunday, 01 November 2009 at 02:00
    Location: The locks Inn, Locks Lane Geldeston, Norfolk (near Beccles)

    GET YOUR STOMP ON!! Live and squelchy psychedelic skankin from HONKY DUB, full power and havin' it psy trance from OMPHALOS and earthshattering raw roots reggae from MAKA T of REBEL LION . . .a night not to be missed! FREE PARTY HALLOWEEN VIBES A PLENTY! :monster: