Ouch - oh buggerrrrrr, my nose stud

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  • I managed to pull my new (done last Saturday) nose stud out in my sleep last night. It suddenly became really painful and that woke me up. When I got out of bed checked in the mirror, it was hanging almost the whole way out. I cleaned it up and tried to put it back in but I couldn't, and all the poking and prodding began to make it sore so I reckoned I was best off leaving it and going back to the shop this morning.

    The shop was due to open at 10.30, so at 10.25 Aiken and I were standing outside - as were most of the staff. Eventually, at some time just before 11, the bloke who I think is the owner rushed up with the keys, looking all flustered, with his hair all wet and so on. Turned out that he'd forgotten the woman who normally opens up on a Friday was away at a festi this week, so he needed to come and do it.

    Anyway, they had a look and warned me it might have closed up, but the guy who'd done it in the first place was there and (after I'd negotiated the very steep steps with Aiken on my front) he opened up the piercing again with a 'needle' and then was able to put the stud back in. It was sore though, almost worse than when I had it done in the first place.

    SO fingers crossed I don't pull it out again.

    What do we reckon - will it just heal up as normal now?

  • well ive had my nose done for 18 yrs now and its still sore if i leave a stud or ring in for more than two days.
    other people i knoe have theirs done and its fine within a few weeks.
    i guess now its in again it should be fine xxx

  • should be fine hun - i've done this a few times to both of mine while they were healing ;) s'bloody sore innit?

  • should be fine lovely - when i had mine re-peirced they went into the scar tissue of the old hole and fucked the peiricing up and my nose was pissing with blood... he had to take it all out and start again cos i refused to wait until it had healed up...but the hole healed up absolutely fine but i did have it done with a ring....

    hope tis not too sore and that you don't pull it out again :hug: x x x x

  • Ouch!! I've done that too! Noses are a nightmare! The inside membrane is a bit like a rubber glove, pierce it and take the needle out and you can't see the hole so trying to get anything back in it is near impossible.

    How long is the stud? Is it the length of a bent earring or longer?

  • i had my nose repeirced with a stud and needle about 18 months ago, i pulled the bloody thing out and good god i couldnt get it back in.

    eventually with a frozen carrot up my nose and crying like a baby jay managed to get it back in:)

    never had a single problem with it since :D

  • eventually with a frozen carrot up my nose...

    Sorry, but I just laughed so hard I nearly wee'd.

    I've had... somewhere in the region of 19 nose piercings now, that's putting both sides together to count. They used to use the ear guns to do it, so I kept going back and having them redone every time I knocked one out and it rehealed. Needless to say it buggered my left side up completely.

    Keep it clean and don't play with it, that's all I can say - try not to knock it and what jewellery are you using? I was never any good with studs, I use the smallest bcr (ball closure ring) I can find.

    Good luck!

  • I had a long stud in mine for years. I kept catching it in the towel when I dried my face, then it would get infected and my left nostril would swell up so I couldn't breathe though it! Changed it to a ring a couple of years ago and never had a problem since.

    Made me wince hearing about your experience!

  • yeah my first nose peircing (done with a gun so it was in a really dodgy looking place) i used to wear studs and in the end the ex hubby moaned THAT fookin much about my nose peircing catching in his beard etc that i just took it out in the end... got it re-peirced the day my decree nicii came through :pp must say though i have never had any trouble with rings but studs i find a total pain in the arse...

  • ditto, when i had my nose pierced with a gun and stud it was a nightmare, it got caught in everything (hair, clothing, bedding etc) and never really settled down till i forced a bcr through it with the aid of a bag of frozen peas and a lot of tears, so i recommend either getting it done by a piercer who will use a ring in the first place, or biting the bullet and putting up with a few mins pain to get a ring in it yourself (surgical steel from a proper piercer) and it should settle down then,

    abby xx

    BTW dj, i took my nose pircing out years ago cos i was bored with it and i sometimes would like to get it done again. i have no keloid scarring and no 'bobble' inside my nose - would it be ok to repierce over the original scar??/

  • Rings are only better if noses are pierced low down. If the the stud is in the natural hollow on the side of the nose then a ring isn't so good as it would have to be big to fit and would catch on stuff more.

    It's fine to get it repierced GrooveSt, just make sure you tell the piercer that you've had it done before so he knows what to expect, it's harder to push through scar tissue!

    As for nose piercings with guns, it should be illegal! The studs don't cut through like a needle, they just force blunt metal through your flesh. The guns can't be sterilised either.

  • i always used to catch my nose stud on things and knock it out..i had a permanent red nose! after getting really annoyed i changed it to a ring and havent had any issues since..though id had the stud in for a while so it was already fairly healed

  • I got my nose pierced 11 years ago with the gun and stud - don't know what type of studs they're using now but the one I had was like a mini beginners earring, stuck out the side of my face by a mile. I pulled it out that night in bed and somehow managed (while still half asleep!) to get it back in again but it did hurt like hell the next day. I changed it the next day for a flat star nose stud with a spiral shaped back after my friend went into hysterics at my "bullet nose". I kept that type in until about 5 years ago when I changed to a Bali style ring but I've justy recently gone back to studs. Our local hippy shop sells the type that look straight but when you put them in you can bend the shaft so it fits snuggly against the inside of your nose - they're easy enough to take out when you want to but won't come out on it's own and can't be pulled out by accident.

  • He did the original peircing with a needle, and the stud is flat with quite a long (at least 1cm I'd say) straight bit, that then bends at right angles and bends again. I think it's surgical steel. It's kind of tucked into the hollow on the side of my nose.

    Appart from the fact it was a bit red from where I'd tried to get it back in, he said it looked very good and I must have been looking after it properly.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't catch it in the bedding, I think I pulled it out with my fingers while I was asleep. I'm seriously thinking of putting socks on my hands tonight to stop me doing it again. Sweaty though.

  • Yes, I'm resisting the urge to fiddle with it - although the temptation is strong!