Secret Garden Party 2009

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  • I am!!


    i'm going, this will be my first time. I've heard lots of good things about this festie, so should be Good!!! :D

    Awesome :) See you there!

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    Whats it like the website is good intro

    No idea, never been before...but have heard lots of good things about it from various people who have been.

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    when & where is it

    23rd-26th July
    Huntington, Cambridgeshire

  • Last years was my favourite festival ever, bar none. A uniquely quirky festival set around a beautiful lake and with more to see and get involved in per square meter than anywhere else on Earth.

    See you there!

  • I really want to go to SGP, but due to lack of pennies, I'll need to work there I think!
    I've e-mailed them to go litter picking but they haven't got back yet - is anyone else doing this? xxx

  • I'm going, and really looking forward to going to a festival and not having to work! Not too sure about this Eden/babylon thing though - they made me an Edenite but Babylon looks way more fun...

  • hey, great news, my band has been asked to play at S.G.P :D hold on to your socks peeps, 'the heights' from the iom are heading to the party, fuckin ace :D

  • I had a really magical time :D The best festival experience I've ever had. I'll be buying my tickets for text year as soon as possible.

    Should've organised to meet some ukhippy people before had though, I didn't see anyone. Maybe next year :)

  • I'm covered in glitter (glitter wrestling), mud (Garee went mud wrestling and it rained all night last night) and UV paint (we were in the paint fight)... We saw fantastical acts... made crap stuff for our kids... saw the most mental bloke come light show on the embankment... got punted... and danced like mother-truckers!

    I LOVE SGP!!!!

  • wheeee it was as fantabulously beautiful as last year,... full of amazing people very silly times :) gutted it's all over..!
    x x

    i don't know where the sun beams end and the star light begins.. it's all a mystery

  • yeah jo! where did you get to? :P
    i thought i'd see you at some point, because we were running the psycle tent as part of the fire camp (and thus lots of hoops!) ....(first tent on your right when going into the dance zone.,,.!) :)

    i don't know where the sun beams end and the star light begins.. it's all a mystery