Colour perception - Courtesy of Rainbow warrior!!

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  • Cheers Rainbow! Thats mental :D

    Just saw this on rainbows profile, cos i was bein nosey :) - who says that when you see the colour green, i dont see the colour purple? we just call it the same.

    I love it! Where's it from? Little things an all that... :D

    Maybe we've all got the same favorite colour! Maybe... My Dog's purple, Maybe ketchup is really green like that one they released a few years ago :eek: thats rank.

    How does that work? Can it be argued? Am i being dim?

    If i was taught that the colour Green is called green but i see yellow, The person teaching me see's blue and the person that taught them see's red, We could all point to the Green colour card and call it 100% Green, All agree and all conclude its the same colour.....

    ....I'm going to bed.

  • Woahhh my head is all fussy now!!
    i suppose it's like being colour blind, right?
    my friend is colour blind and one day we were walking to the park and he randomly asked me,
    "what's all this fuss about you being ginger?"
    i didn't understand until he explained that he was colourblind and that he sees things in different shades
    It was so challenging explaining to him why my hair colour causes such a stir!

  • Woahhh my head is all fussy now!!
    i suppose it's like being colour blind, right?
    my friend is colour blind and one day we were walking to the park and he randomly asked me,
    "what's all this fuss about you being ginger?"
    i didn't understand until he explained that he was colourblind and that he sees things in different shades
    It was so challenging explaining to him why my hair colour causes such a stir!

    Hmmm........Wished i'd crawled to bed now!

    Yeah but, no but..... "ginger' is just a word, its not a visual colour, You may say ginger and think that your hair is Ginger but your just seeing the colour that you have been taught to 'call' ginger.

    To try and prove that the coolour you see is the same colour i see is impossible.

    You would point to your hair and call it ginger. I would point to your hair and call it ginger. We could both be seeing different colours.

    If you went off and found something the same colour as your hair, lets say a ginger tom cat, Brought me the cat and said this is ginger, The colour you see might be blue to me (ginger to you), but i have been taught to call Blue ginger so i would agree and say 'yes that is a ginger cat'

    We could then be very pleased and agree that ginger is actually ginger and we all see the same colour :vomit:

    Right, thats worth the crawl to bed :insane: Good luck guy's :D

  • I was routinely tested for colour blindness (Working as a underground electrician for the National Coal Board). They showed me a series of paper discs comprising of thousands of different coloured dots. In the mayhem of the dots is a large number made up of the dots e.g. Number 5 or 7 or 8 & so on. If you are colour blind you will not necessarily see the number.

  • My friends hubby is colour blind she said when they were courting he picked her up and he had brown trousers on and a bright purple shirt looked awful
    He had no idea as his family were hopeless and never helped him
    She has to be with him at all times wen he buys clothes

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  • i always ponder this! :D its entirely possible that the world is like that..we call things the same but see them differently...i guess theres no way of finding out though..just one of those things to think about to make your head go funny! :D

  • Hello :D

    Yeah, interesting spin on the colour blind thing, i like the dress sense tale :D

    My Dad's colour blind and spent $$$'s re-building a classic car and swears to this day that he had it re-sprayed navy blue! (it was burgundy)

    Who is to say that colour blind people arnt right though? And who's to say that all 'normal' people arnt seeing different colours anyway, they are just calling it the same colour?

  • i've often wandered this myself. what if everyone's view of the worlds colours was unique? we're taught what colours are so what ever colour we see, when we look up at the sky we're going to call it blue coz thats what we've been taught.

    can science actually prove what colours we see? i've always wandered how people can claim that dogs only see red or cats see black and white, or whatever it is they claimed that i cant remember right now.

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  • colour blindness is usually a male thing...don't ask me why,

    both my father and my sister were colour blind..they both found it difficult to distinguish browns,purples and shades of red..those two,when getting ready for a wedding party or family do, were a nightmare...neither of them could agree on a shade of a shirt or admit to what they were wearing was the wrong colour:rolleyes:

    any of you heard of Synesthesia ?

  • But the colour we see, apart from in the case of colour blindness, isn't down to us or our eyes, it's the colour reflected by the object we're looking. I think people see things in very slightly different shades and intensities due to the condition of their eyes and possibly just individuality, and maybe that's why we have different opinions on things like like.

    I'm sure there has been lots of research on this, that's how they discovered colour blindness existed!

    So, i'm not buying it :p

  • that bit about colour being reflected by the object always make me wonder too. Take pots of paint for example. we know you get them in different colours..but how? cus i guess originally all the paint was a creamy white colour,then they add the colours to make different shades. but what is it that makes the substance reflect different colours back to us, when its all pretty much the same substance? if that makes any sense?!

  • It's an interesting concept, which leads us to question many other things including the nature of knowledge itself. In the end, all that we know for certain is that we have a network of shared meanings that connects us to the world around us, the meanings themselves being more important than what we call 'fact'. Your curves are my straight lines, your joy is my sorrow, your pleasure is my pain. Everything is extremely limited to our own narrow field of perception, consensus reality is the only thing that prevents us from veering off into a topsyturvy self-generated world of craziness.

    An apple is red, but in the dark it is black, so what actually is it's true colour?

  • Well we've all seen a rainbow. If we have a chart which represents those colours exactly and we all agree with what we are seeing is the same, except for those who claim to see it different, therefor they may be colour blind. Then thats close enough factual colour ID for me.

  • I am colour blind quite severely and the only thing i would like to see correctly is a rainbow, i can obviously see them and they are lovely , but to be able to see all the bands must be quite something.

  • This is really interesting,it certainly messes with your head! I think we all see the actual same colours (unless you're colourblind) but they're just called different things. The light changes colours but they're seen the same, they're only called what they're called because that's what we've been taught, but white light is made up of the colours in the rainbow and that's the colour spectrum so everyone must be seeing the same colours if that's what lights made of and only the way we see it and it reflects the light into our eyes is different.

  • I've often pondered on this too! :D

    I would imagine that by now there must be some scientific way to prove that the colours we see are actually the same, as people have said, with the light waves and all that. I guess they can prove it the same way they know dogs can only see in black and white? Interesting though!

  • I wonder about this often, but then, if it's the case then it doesnt really matter but its interesting.

    I know a guy who sees in shades of gray. He is brilliant at matching outfits though cause he works with the shades and mostly in browns and greys.

    Scarlet, i have the thing you were on about but only slightly. (i can say it but doubt i can spell it). I feel colours and shapes. I met a girl who had it a lot more strongly than me once, but she hears words. Like when you say edge she hears a specific sound that sounds like 'edge' as well as hearing the word.