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  • with you there, see if the wild boar can out run me lurcher:whistle:

    There are no wild boar in our neck of the woods Moocher, from what i hear they aren't very tasty.
    Can a lurcher take a wild boar down?:hippy:

  • I've got plenty fire wood.
    Loads of random canned things, chickens eggs and veg outside.
    The water tank is quite big (sure we'll smell after a week with limited showerings but if it's warm there's always the lake)
    For cooking there's the camping stove and the fires we'd be making (I love a good baked spud on a bommie!)

    Then there's a field full of rabbits and pheasant if you want to go for a slap up meal. Failing that we could butcher one of my neighbours cows.