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    I think it's a paradox in a way, because what you project here could only be done in a world that was unified, and where everyone shared this agenda.

    If we continue to let these wealth & power junkies rule the world there will be nothing left and no one to ask such smashing questions!! Just ask a Mayan or an Easter islander, oh ... errrrr, ;/

  • God NeVeR existed in the first place!! The idea of a divine power started when our species was in its infantcy, we observed the world around us and the massive forces at work and we had no idea what the hell was going on!! So we invented theories to fit the facts, pretty much like we still do today, the only difference today is we have proved, observational & TESTABLE science to back up our therories. Knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and cosmology to mention but a few...

    Evolution (via natural selection) is the result of the most natural occurance on this planet - Mistakes!! when two compatible life forms mate their DNA strands join to create a new code, this in itself is a new entity but DNA, as awesome as it is, is not perfect, it neither clones (a genetic copy) or gets it spot on 100%. This happens when DNA 'zips' together incorrectly resulting in 'mutations', they are small & practically insignificant but if that small difference benifits the organism and it goes on to reproduce that small difference gets passed on and on through the family line over hundreds of years until eventually that particular families genes dominate the speices and we humans give it another pretty name in latin and a page of its own in a book somewhere.

    We dont yet know what started the whole universe/multiverse in the first place but i bet ladbrookes now give good odds that there was no bearded tyrant there giving out highly mixed messages and shouting about light!

    Sorry, there's nothing that you've said there that precludes the existence of divinity. In fact, the use of terms like "bearded tyrant" kinda undermines your argument and illuminates its inherent prejudice. The assumption that divinity automatically equates to some judeao-christian, anthropomorphic entity is a little simplistic, don't you think?