NEWFOUNDLAND 09, Wales 4-6th Sept

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    A not for profit event!

    4th, 5th & 6th of September 2009
    @ An undisclosed location

    Discover a different world…

    Somewhere in the beautiful wilds of Wales
    A full-on fusion of contemporary arts.

    Featuring 4 dedicated music stages:

    Indigo Children:
    Beautiful progressive psy, groundbreaking psychedelic breaks and full-on banging twisty psytrance. Yum yum.

    Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka) *LIVE*
    Rex (Broken Robot, Sinister Recordings) *LIVE*
    Jonbop(Bop Productions) *LIVE*
    Hedflux (Broken Robot Records) *LIVE*
    Nuky (Bom Shanka)
    Digoa (Alchemy/Digital Hive)
    Jarrox (Digital Hive)
    Dainty Doll (Nexus Media/Crack Whore Models)
    Elden / Acid Bear Strangler (Divine Music Tribe)
    Lloyd The Positivist
    woef (Indigo Children)
    Decor by Tombalina, Indigo Children and more
    Visuals by MagicLantern

    Muddy Promotions:
    The kind of eclectic mix you find only at Muddy, with a progressive schedule ranging from acoustic folk, through a host of diverse live bands from across the country, into drum and bass under the moon.

    Point Of Origin
    Too Loud For The Legion
    The Hostages
    and many more To Be Annnounced...

    Mindtours Records:
    Deep soulful organic techno, deep minimal and dubstep. Unique visuals and sounds to make you go mmmm from one of Wales’ most established family crews.

    Lakuti (Sud Electronic)
    Tom Demac (Electronique Audio)
    Tom Ellis (Trimsound)
    Steevio & SuzyBee (Mindtours Records)
    Suade (Adapted Vinyl)
    Leif (Trimsound)
    Joe Ellis (Trimsound)
    Jakooky (Trimsound)
    Grimes Adhesif (Mindyourhead Records)
    Duckett (Mindyourhead Records)
    Nicky Ruffcut (Immerse Records)
    Sam Watson (Mindtours Records)
    Paizan (Anorakism)

    Marv & Friends:
    Open air jazz, ska, funk and reggae. Live music in the grinning Radnor style.
    Acts to be announced...

    Cafe Seren: Prize winning novelists and street-poets. Solar powered arthouse cinema.
    Peaceful Progress: Beautiful graffiti mural walls.
    Unique visuals and video arts by Magic Lantern and SuzyBee. Immersive handmade decor from Tombalina, Earthart, Indigo Children, Cardiff Luminous Underground Disco and more.... A location of exquisite (and yep, that's spelled right) natural beauty and a bucketful of smiles.

    Advance Tickets £38
    Door Tickets £45
    Full weekend.
    No daytickets available. A full weekend makes a better festy for all!

    Available Soon from:
    Vans Good Food Shop, Llandrindod Wells - 01597 82 3074
    The Glass Onion Arts Centre, Peterborough – 07940 467 303
    Wild Swan Whole Foods, Rhayader - 01597 811 632

    For updates and the full naughty story…

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    Information, Traders, Stewarding:
    01597 810 726

  • Should be quite a few from my vicinity at this....looks quite diverse and interesting....bargain price....non-profit....nice.

    Beautiful drive there for us too....straight through the Rhyader mountain pass.

    Have to get my ex to have the kids that weekend by some means....

  • The organisers of this are wanting to hear from didgeridoo players, I think they are trying to organise a drum didge jam thing at the end of the one night if you're interested contact Woef & Bex via the festivals website.