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  • Welcome aboard the veg train folks! Just a few stops to note along the way...

    • Anyone trolling with the oh so funny 'eat meat' posts and deliberate veg*n bashing will not be tolerated.
    • No personal attacks!
    • Education is really important regarding diet - please share all your knowledge but we are not responsible for anything silly anyone does as a result of listening to the wrong people!

    Well, not much to worry about, let's make like rabbits and, er, munch lettuce!

  • Just to remind everyone:

    • Before entering or participating in THE VEGETARIAN & VEGAN SUPPORT forum, you must agree to the following conditions:

    • This forum exists primarily as a support forum for vegetarians and vegans. This has been clarified further in this thread.

    • Omnivores are welcome guests if they have a genuine interest in moving towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or if they have some genuinely useful information to share.

    • Posts that fail to respect these guidelines will be removed without further explanation.

    • This is a space for vegetarians and vegans to discuss their thoughts and ideas; if you wish to challenge these ideals then please do so in another more appropriate part of this website.

    • Ignoring these guidelines may result in access to this forum being removed. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay.
  • For the first time in many years I feel I need to remind people of the ethos behind this particular section of the website.

    This is a SUPPORT forum for vegetarians and vegans, or for those serious about making that lifestyle change. It's not a discussion forum for challenging these ideas. Living without meat and animal product are still not very mainstream (even for hippies), and this is why it has a section of its own.

    • A vegetarian is someone who does not eat the flesh of an animal - many vegetarians opt out of wearing leather, and many vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy - but a vegetarian is primarily someone who completely abstains from all meat consumption.

    • A vegan is someone who abstains from all animal use. They will not consume the flesh of an animal and will also abstain from eating, wearing or using anything else that comes from any animal, bird, fish or insect (including animal tested products). It is not just a diet but an entire way of living based on the rejection of animals as property.

    • A pescetarian is someone who avoids the flesh of land and air animals, but still eats fish. While pescetarians may benefit from the information in this forum, it is still not vegetarian to eat fish.

    If you are not vegetarian or vegan, the following applies:

    "Omnivores are welcome guests if they have a genuine interest in moving towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or if they have some genuinely useful information to share."

    This rule was set up when this forum started, it is designed to keep this a safe place and has been listed at the top of the page for many years.

    By "useful information", we mean positive material that will help vegetarian or vegans within the remit of their chosen lifestyle - that does not mean challenging, discouraging, arguing against or criticising any veg*n beliefs.

    It is also not the place for encouraging alternative diets such as freeganism, flexitarianism or anything else that means you can still eat meat occasionally. All these discussions can be held elsewhere on the website.

    Thanks for listening :)