Who are you?

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  • Experiment 1: Stop for a moment and look inside. Try and sense the very origin of
    your most basic, most personal "I", your core subjective experience. What is that
    root of the "I" feeling? Try to find it.

    did you notice something....Every time you try to observe the "I" it takes a jump
    back with you, remaining out of sight......

    who was looking for this "I"?

    Experiment 2: Look straight ahead. Now shut your eyes. The rich visual world has
    disappeared to be replaced by an amorphous field of blackness, perhaps with red
    and yellow tinges. But awareness hasn't changed. You will notice that awareness
    continues as your thoughts come and go, as memories arise and replace each other,
    as desires emerge and fantasies develop, change and vanish. Now try and observe
    awareness. You cannot. Awareness cannot be made an object of observation because it is the very means whereby you can observe.

    Awareness may vary in intensity as our total state changes, but it is usually a constant.

    Awareness cannot itself be observed, it is not an object, not a thing. Indeed, it is
    featureless, lacking form, texture, colour, spatial dimensions.

    We can only know awareness, by BEING Aware!:)

  • I am always have been and always will be me. By being me I am part of all life and all the little mes in the world make up the one.

  • I am the sum of all the parts wot everyone else said.......well the boy parts naturally, not the girl parts.....I think.......:whistle:

  • i am many things im you your friends your family the stranger you turn your nose up at in the street your enemy the love the pain the caring the fear the emotional fullness and emptyness inside i am all of these things i am a person with feeling and emotion just the same as all of these people and things ive described but most of all im confussing no matter how hard you try to understand me or think you know me you will always learn something new about me

  • When the people asked Buddha "Who are you?" , he simply said: "I am awake".

    This question of 'Who are you?' is at the heart of Buddhism, and is given an especially clear focus in Zen Buddhism. For me, Buddha's answer "I am awake" is very insightful: instead of identifying with the objects of awareness we experience (our bodies, names, jobs etc.) his words suggest that we are the very quality of awareness.

    So: you cannot stand-apart from yourself and experience it, you can only be it.

    By learning to fully 'be here now', in still awareness, you can come to understand what you are.

  • That is merely the name assigned to the type of body you inhabit. It does not communicate much about who or what you are.

    Hmmmm. OK, I'll give it another go. I am a person who doesnt know where he came from, why he is here, or where he is going, as I am sure many, if not everyone feels. I have had bad times, but nothing compared to what some people here have shared on here. I find the Earth wonderful, no matter the weather, and I am tired of being someone I don't want to be.

    Sorry that was a bit intense there.......ahhhhh! :lee:

  • I am, from outer layer hmm the HUMAN just like anybody else in this beautiful World but inside I am...
    I am the music I listen to...
    I am the trees and flowers I water every day...
    I am the oxygen I can breathe in every second...
    I am my friends...
    I am my father who showed me THE MUSIC...
    I am my mother who learnt me how to see not just look...
    I am my brother who knows how to walk hard on Earth :p

    Peace =)

  • I am a child who is awakening to all the important things in life. I am the child who's parents taught her nothing of reality.I am a child who is learning how to BE. I am a woman who loves passionately, lives ethically, finds out the truths for herself and lives by that truth. I am my own woman, like it or not (to family!!) I am a wondrous, loving, caring human being who needs to give and recieve love with open arms,heart and soul. I AM! :D

  • Some would say "you are who you want to be".
    I personally disagree, because we are the result of circumstances.
    Call it fatalism, that's the truth!

    " Why are we here, that is the question. And we are blessed in this, that we happen to know the answer. Yes, in this immense confusion one thing alone is clear. We are waiting for Godot to come."

  • Im not a number, im not a quote nor am i a cliche, what i am is made of many facets.

    We may be bees working for the eventual end but is that your question or a paranoid statement???

    I am me, as are us all...who are you???

    "Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You know you're going to get it, but it's going to be rough."

  • Assuming the physical and spiritual are actually different things, and that the divide isn't an artificial distinction that we've created due to Judeao-Christian dualistic indoctrination. ;)

    I think that there is a difference, The body to me is just a biological Machine, though which have our experences while we are 'alive'

  • who am I?

    no idea and i'm cool with that :) its great fun finding out about me - hope to carry on finding out about me til the day i die :)