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  • This is actually the only picture I have of my tattoo. Its a shame, because it is really hard to see, and I look really moody!!!!

    I hope you can even tell what it is??
    I have lots of people ask me what it is, and on any other day I would call them idiots, but I will forgive you if you can't see as it is pretty poor quality!

  • I have 3 at the m oment, my first was wiggy inked on my lower back, then a massive sun around it
    Have a shooting star on my left wrist as well

    They all need colouring in but i colour the shooting star in on my wrist using pens - it changes all the time!

    Going to ger 2 bumble bees and a voilet flower soon

    All my tats mean stuff - only to me though

  • Tattoo's have to mean something, because when you are old and fat and they are faded and saggy, all you will have is the meaning!!!

    Mine was my certificate for studying Geography and Environmental Ethics at Uni for 5 years!! :)

  • I only have one. On my right foot, its based on a henna tatto i found. Ive only had it 10 months, but i love it so much. My mother hates it, but my Dad actually likes it, which i found suprising.
    My partner has loads and they are all lovely, even though they mainly feature skulls!!

    The pictures in this thread are great

  • Skulls are cool, i'm gonna get another haha

    "People who give up their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

  • i got my second tattoo done last weekend :D

    its a tree,just above my ankle..cus my starsign rules the ankles..and its near the floor so its 'grounded' like trees are...but cus its a tree its also reaching and branching out..and trees are vital for life,and is nature in its greatest form..and represents the cycles of life and growth n stuff..n its kind of a spring tree with little buds,again cus it represents growth and change and beginnings..and im in a new cycle of my life now so it makes sense :)

    my other tattoo is on my lower back,a sort of purple sun with a peace sign in the middle..that was my 18th bday pressie..and i chose that cus well,its peace,which is oh so important..and purple's my fave colour :)

  • got my newest tattoo on thursday i got the word "dream" written in tibetan on my arm to remind me nether to stop dreaming really got my next one booked for ages away but annoyed because i cant find anyone who does handpoked tattoos in york

  • :thumbup:i love tattos only have 1 idid it my self when i was 18 of a star on my leg it looks ok i really wana get something repersetin freedom and adventure ,well thas when i can bloody afored it:pp love men with tatoos looks NICE:p

  • Roll on Wednesday when I can get some more ink done! mmmmmmmm sweeeeeeeeeet

    "People who give up their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

  • Today's the day!! Whoop whoop!!!

    "People who give up their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

  • the photos look real good guys. im not 18 yet, but i will be getting one then. i will be getting a small fairy that is crying holding a dolphin necklace that is broken.

    im not sure where but i am thinking somewhere less painful, lol.

    Its about my best friend emily who killed herself when she was my age (two years ago). She loved fairies every since she was little, and was going to get a tatoo herself. the dolphin necklace will be the same as one i bought her in real life, which broke the week she took her life. When it bought it for her, it represented her free and loving spirit, now broken the tears are shed for something that no longer exists in this life.

  • ...hummmdeehummm...

    still waiting for camptertess to post her tattoos of epic proportions :D

    ANd rainbowwarrior....i am sorry to hear that, it seems like a lovely ideo for a tattoo, something with a real meaning. Similarly, I had my tattoo as rememberance for a friend I lost x

  • I have Kanji meaning 'fear no evil' on my right calf
    It could of course mean 'I blow goats' I'm no expert but I like it.
    I would like to have some bands tattooed around my arm as well as XIII on the inside of my arm or wrist.
    I also fancy getting something on my ear and/or neck

  • OOoo, i can add mine to here now as well! lol

    No real story behind it...just fancied a star and thought id design something a bit different!

    Going to get a BIG star one done on the top of my arm next me thinks :)

  • I wish I hadn't got my tattoos done (when I was younger and stupider than I am now)so I'm left in a situation where it will cost me serious money to have them covered nicely or removed my likely. thank goodness I never had any on my hands or neck.

  • I got the anti-flag star made from broken guns in black on my chest. I got that because after listening to 'this is the end' and 'one trillion dollars' and thought it was a great anti-war symbol. Which is good for me as I realise war is pretty silly.

    The one I want to get next is the golden ratio represented in binary by circles in a spectrum of colours down my spine (hard to explain, I'll post a pic when I get it done) to represent the creative spirit/being in touch with nature side of me. A positive yes to peace etc to balance the negative no to war.

    I've gone for things with basic patterns rather than detailed designs as I believe in minimalism.

  • Hooray, I have had another 4 tattoos done! They have all been planned for a while and I had the money saved to get them all done at once. They are still healing but I will try and get some pictures up today, plus some pictures of my older tattoos. They all mean something to me which I think is important. I am not so pleased with one I have had done but I am going to ask the tattoo artist to try again with it. Will show you later!

  • I only have 3 tattoo's at the moment, mainly because I'm skint and I've got a long life ahead of me :)

    My first was a black cat clawing down the side of my back. I got this because I've always loved cats (use to collect anything cat-ty? when I was a child)

    My second is a small black heart on my ankle

    My third is the slipknot tribal on the top of my back. Yes I am a metal head lol

  • Wow sorry for the huge photos! Btw I've just realized my cat photo actually is pretty damn good considering I took it myself. [Proud moment] :)

  • Ok, my latest work:

    I will put up some pictures of my older tattoos at a later date. The pine cones on my arm need some extra work to make them more defined and splayed, they are a bit too smooth at the moment.