Council Tax

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  • A couple of years ago my old man got a well deserved pay rise at work, and because of the boundarys he actually ended up earning less money :eek: What a pile of arse!!! Council tax definatley needs a re-think

    As for me, I've worked hard and paided my tax and national insurance and I dislocated my knee in january this year and was unable to work. The month before my incident i was only working about 15 hours a week because of lack of buisness, so I wasn't entitled to standard sick pay. I've tried to claim incapasity benifts and income support and initially they refused both, then they changed there system and have lost all the sick notes etc I sent with it. So 4 months down the line im having to work twice as much to catch up on payments and probabally won't see a penny of the NI i've been paying.

    They try to make the ordeal stressful im sure!!!

    Im sure

  • man coucil tax sounds a bit crappy but then i know nothing about it except what i just read. when do you have to start paying it?

  • As soon as you own/rent a place.

    It's a lot of money. I am waiting to hear how much I'll have to pay for the incoming year but I am not looking forward to it. :down:

  • Ah the ideas of Henry George. I have been an advocate for Land Valuation Tax (LVT)for a number of years. It is unpopular with the rich because it is not an optional form of tax. You cannot hide land!

    If the Government spends money on infrascruture and realestate increases as a direct result , is it not fair that the benifiting property owners give something back? To give an example when the Jubilee underground line was extended it cost the government £3 billion , but the collective increase in property prices with in 500 metres of one of the new tube stations went up by £13 billion. The present system makes property developers and speculators rich in their sleep. It Stinks.

    The other equitable aspect of LVT is if developments make your property less desirable such as a new motorway or airport being built that is to close for comfort the land value of your property then goes down and with a corrosponding decrease in LVT - an automatic form of compensation.