Favourite Omni Recipes

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  • I havent got a diffuser Ma,I put mine in the oven.I brought mine from Sainsburys,a couple of years ago on sale for around £8?I just brought my daughter one for Xmas too,which included spices and paste!I've been to Morocco a few times and wanted a trad tagine but was abit nervous breaking it in transit.

  • I like to do a Freegan chicken curry.

    Soak the coating off some KFC, fry an onion and other veg then add 1 tbsp of curry paste, then the chicken (diced fillets or on the bone) and water, just enough to cover. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes.


    I might do it tonight actually. :)

  • One of my favourites is Caribbean style curry goat... ( I'm going to miss living in Reading once I leave because we have lots of halal butchers here)...

    I used to do it in a slow cooker, but that takes 7 hours... in Nora I use a pressure cooker, now it takes an hour, tops!

    When I told Yaz I was answering this thread, her first reaction was "horse steaks"... She's yet to find me some... :P:P

  • I don't think I have ever (intentionally) eaten horse.

    The objection I had to it being sneaked into food was, if it was hidden, you didn't know where it had come from. How the horses were kept, what drugs they had been given, all these things are important.

  • Toad in the hole with roast potatoes and broad beans fried with tomatoes and garlic for tea tonight , Only ingredients not produced here were the milk , flour and mustard powder .

    Sausages are your choice , but I always use this batter mix

    crack chosen number of eggs into measuring jug (3 here tonite came to the 4.5 fl oz mark )

    add same amount of milk+ a splash . (that takes you to just past the 9 fl oz mark in this case )

    tip in mixing bowl , add a teaspoon of mustard powder if feeling exotic . , teeny bit of salt .

    Then using measuring jug fill with flour up to 4.5 mark and them bung in mixing bowl . ( I like whole wheat flour , Bungo plain , either way self raising is not necessery .

    Beat like bliiy ho , then leave to rest for an hour , though comes out much the same if you dont .

    I cook it in a vety hot oven. Also helps if baking dish is super hotwith super hot fat or oil . In this instance fat from sausages . I add batter when bangers are nicly brown , and it takes 25 min ish.

    Make sure oven is propper hot , and do not open for first 20 mins if you can as you gett a better rise .

  • Is that mustard powder easy to source Ma?I was looking for it in Sainsburys a couple of days ago but couldn't find it.Sounds like a great recipe,will try it out soon.Thanks

  • Actually Ma,I'm going to follow your recipe.I havent made S&S Pork or Chicken for a while,and could'nt recall which recipe I used to thanks for that.I agree the one I posted sounded like alot of sugar etc.