home education?

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  • due to a call i received today from a school,and another stressful incident,my brain is too frazzled to google it so il ask here,what proof do you need to show you are educating your children,are there set guidelines,or helpful guides even. the kids are special needs one with autism and another statemented with learning and behavioral problems if that would make a diference.

  • This answers a lot of your questions but there`s an awful lot of info in there!

    This is also very good at oulining the position for HE kids with special needs.

    Both of these are long documents,and will take time to absorb.Generally you do not have to prove you are giving your child a suitable education.In reality some LEA`s are more ruthless than others so unless you are prepared to stand your ground against them the more sensible advice is to keep examples of your kid`s work,this doesn`t have to be set forms of schoolwork.Life is an education so keep examples of stuff they do in their everyday life.This will usually suffice in any encounter with the LEA.If you`ve had kids with special needs registered at school then you will almost certainly need to build a mutually co operative working relationship with your local LEA.There are loads of resources on the net but I suggest starting with those two when you feel more up to it.
    Good luck,
    Nick x.

  • awww mate :hug:

    i dont know much about full time home ed..but know about being registered nomadic n partly home ed.
    do you remember what i said after leaving your house the day you n Rue came home.?
    regards work my work.

    maybe we need to chat more about it.

    you know im here if you need to rant
    lea stuff or whatever at someone...
    we struggled like hell to get jake through school. with him being constantly upset n knocked back.he too should have been home ed/nomadic.
    your lil matey in this house will be thas for sure.

    ere .....if we clubbed together we only need a few more kids we could start out own "not school" :p
    n i'm kinda serious ya know.

  • Make sure you know your rights, coz they some of them lie through their teeth. You do not have to have a visit, nor do you have to let them meet your child or see their work. If you do decide to meet them, it does not have to be at your home. You do not need to follow the national curriculum or give formal lessons. You only need to notify the school via a de-registration letter in writing (get a receipt). You will only need to notify the local authority if you are removing your child from a special school. The only thing you are required by law to do, if make sure your child receives full-tie education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude, any special needs your child may have must be recognised.

    Most families who de-register take a few months to 'de-school', usually one month for every year the child has been at school but, as we all know, children are all different and may take longer. If the local authority get in touch, just say you need some time for your children to adjust before they contact you again.

    Have a look at www.he-special.org.uk as this group deals specifially with home educating children with special needs. If you need a chat about home ed, I'll be happy to listen or advise (if I can, but if not I'll know someone who can). There are lots of email groups, so there will be one in your area, where you can get support.

    good luck

  • awww mate :hug:

    ere .....if we clubbed together we only need a few more kids we could start out own "not school" :p
    n i'm kinda serious ya know.

    No don`t do it.I once went some way down the path of turning a successful home ed group into a small school and don`t know if I`ll ever recover.I have never in my life come up against so much red tape,rules and regs it`s a total nightmare.If you set up a small school with a certain number of kids(can`t just remember how many) you basically have to follow the same guidlines as any other educational institution.:insane:

  • i think jo was considering the teepee school of life,more than the guidelines off a lea ,thanks for the links much appreciated.:thumbup:

    indeedy :clap:
    buy a bigger bus....you know you want too :p

  • :D Yeah I wasn`t being 100% serious in that 2nd post,just brough back a memory that made me giggle.Good luck with it though,if you need any specific detailed advice ask and I`ll let you have it.:waves:

  • Chloe is so fed up with bullies and snide remarks from her peers, she is a nice kid who cant bear all that shit, she has been begging me for months now to home educate her.

  • I home educated my stepson for 6 months as he was being bullied(over his place on the football team:mad: jealous idiots!) and the school weren't doing anything except putting him in isolation. He was in year 9 at the time. We had a visit from our LA and he was really nice, really impressed with what we'd done. Said I was very organised, which is a joke! I am so NOT! :o I basically kept a daily diary with the amount of hours and work done, this included days out, sports coaching and watching educational programmes, so wasn't all work, work, work. He eventually got a place in a different local school, a rubbish one at that, and he loves it!

  • I home ed, but my kids never went in to school so I have no experience of de-registering etc. As far as I know though, there are no legal requirements to prove you're actually home educating, only that you inform the school and local authority of your intention to home educate, and legally you need not have any further contact with the local authority unless they suspect your child is not receiving an education. But different local authorities will push for extra as much as they can get away with. But it might have changed, I'm not sure. I've just never had any contact with the local authority at all.

    Here are some links that might help
    http://homeeduk.ning.com/ I run this one.
    x S x

  • You`re much less likely to come under the spotlight if your kids have never been registered,but the government are putting together a register of kids not recieving education at the moment(details collected from register of births),so we will have to see what happens.I advise home ed families for education otherwise (and not) about home ed generally and in my experience it is often better to build a relationship with your local LEA when de registering your kids,even though you have no legal obligation to.In reality they are only interested in fulfilling their legal obligations to check that your`re looking after your kids ok educationally which is almost always the case with people who choose to home ed anyway.:D

  • i HE my children and love it, i nearly have enough children of my own to start a school lol, hope you get on well whatever you decide to do!!