What did you have for dinner? [omni]

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  • teh thread title got changed so that its easier to tell which thread is which in the recent posts thing in the side bar, it'd be easy to get it wrong if you weren't paying attention and you'd end up with a load of omni posts in the veg forum

    thanks for explaining that, Paddy. :)

    Except for one is purple and one is green :S *shrug* I'm not complaining i was just confused...

    and yeah, that's what i thought ... but no worries. :)

    let's see ... dinner is on the verge of being fully cooked, but not eaten yet, but tonight we're having sausage patties (my own mix of sausage meat, herbs, onions, etc), mashed potatoes, the picky hubby will have marrowfat peas with it, and i'm having a few sauted mushrooms and garden peas. :)

    it smells yummy! :D

  • I think it should be called "nom nom noms"

    Mum just popped in to tell me we're having little pouch type things that have meety stuff inside. They're nommy

  • Hubby cooked tonight..........samp with tomato and onion, yummy scrummy (and didn't take 4 hours to cook this time)........oh and After Eights for pudding!!

    He's asleep now, think it took it out of him.........bless

  • Jacket taters without the jacket because tater skin makes me heave :rolleyes: with grated cheshire chese, turkey ham, sweetcorn and salad cream. followed by a cuppa tea :D

  • Chunks of lamb fried up with curry powder, mondays leftover spuds and baked beans all mixed together....heaven

  • Beef stew with herby dumplings and cheesy mash mmmmmm :)

    "The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do."

  • Does sweet popcorn and galaxy bar count as dinner,....................
    look people I'm ill and in bed, surely i can get away with it...
    *sulks in corner*

  • Phoenix_bunny had sloopy joes with potato wedges with cajun spices on them, i know this as we are on the phone chatting.......again:rolleyes:

    and she can't post it herself as she is trying to knit ha ha :eek:

  • Fancy eating Joe's dinner for him :pp

    ha ha ha ...

    sloppy joe is a mince beef dish, it has loads of veggies in it (least the one i make does - though chopped small as my husband is like a 6 yr old when it comes to veg) and it's in a tomato-based sauce and served on a bun. :)
    it's very yummy.

    Something like this, but minus the kiwi, as that's rather odd.

  • Like bolognaise in a bun?

    yep, sort of. tastes a bit different though.
    the one i make i put onion, garlic, green pepper, mushrooms, carrot, and celery in along with the tomato sauce and tomato passata.
    happy to share the recipe (as well i found it online somewhere)

  • I cooked - makes a change LOL

    Home made steak and kidney pie (well frozen pastry) mash , peas and sweet corn. Only thing I ate all day

    nothing wrong with frozen pastry, i use it all the time.:p

  • I cooked - makes a change LOL

    Home made steak and kidney pie (well frozen pastry) mash , peas and sweet corn. Only thing I ate all day

    my little makes a mean chicken pie using ready made pastry, its fab -ask alice!

    Tonight we simply had fish and bread but followed by chocolate and raspberry tart...yum!

  • Miss pheonix_bunny is unable to come to the computer tonight, due to terminal knitting, she's going to murder me if i keep taking the piss lol, so has asked me to tell you that she had beef casserole for dinner.