Sold out rockers benefit gig for hunting

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  • Pro-hunt benefit gig in aid of the countryside alliance. Lot of names you might recognise :rolleyes:


    Highclere Rocks, a picnic concert on Saturday 20th May 2006 at Highclere Castle, Hampshire, 4.00pm – 11.00pm

    The Band Du Lac featuring Gary Brooker, Mike Rutherford, Andy Fairweather Low & Paul Carrack. With special guests Eric Clapton, Roger Taylor, Roger Waters, Roger Daltrey, Georgie Fame, Nick Mason.

    (cropped the link cos we don't want the CA coming here)

  • Eeeep, dear me! :eek:

    I only know Eric Clapton from that list, being terrible at remembering names and also incredibly un-updated with these things :o. That's so annoying thoughh. The pro hunting side seems so strong sometimes, it is hard not to feel helpless.

  • :D Thankyou Paul:wiggle:
    I needed a prompt like that - now I know slightly of six more from the list. Grur though, they're supporting a bad cause :eek:


  • Quote from Chazz

    Oo....think I'll go and find the musicians websites and make a comment, cos although something like this doesn't change my appreciation of their skills it does annoy me that they will support such an event.

    Indeed :(

  • Quote from Exedous

    Feckin sell outs..

    Too bloody right. My Generation my arse Daltry!!! Never liked the Who anyway. Mods posing as rockers. Grrrr but Im surprised at Floyd. Well maybe. Bastards the lot of them.

    And if they are so concerned for the welfare of country folk where were they when farms were going out of business with foot and mouth and our farmers being exploited by the Common Agricultural Policy? They werent protesting about tennant farmers and farm workers getting laid off or commiting suicide then were they!!!! Two faced Tory Capitalist scum.

  • Quote from Chazz

    Now, it's not this guys fault, he just runs the Floyd website.
    But if you wish to let him know your dissapointment about Roger Waters and Nick Mason openly raising funds for the Countryside Alliance, then here's the e-mail address

    I've mailed them. Bastards. Stupid bastards, at that.

  • I remember reading an interview with Roger Walters just before the fox-hunting ban came in. What an upper-class twat. He started waffling on about it being his right to hunt foxes and how it was a prejudice against the upper classes and then he rambled on a bit more in a sickening, self-righteous manner. Grrrrrrr.

  • So keep em coming

  • Reply received:

    You aren't the first to write along the same lines. Roger is aware that there are anti-hunt fans out there (I must admit that I'm in that camp, too) but he is standing up for his beliefs, right or wrong. Obviously, if we get a large number of emails from concerned fans, we will feed it back to Roger's management so that they are aware of the feelings, too.

    Best regards

    More mails needed, I suggest.

  • This is the reply I received.

    Thanks for sending us your opinions on this show. Depending on the numbers of emails we receive, we will let Roger's management know the strength of feeling on this. Of course, a similar situation occurred previously, in 2002. Roger stuck to his guns then (if you excuse the apt metaphor) and we are sure he will in this instance, too.

    Best regards

    I'm a Floyd fan and am disappointed by this. I knew about the 2002 concert but hoped it was a misguided one off. Obviously not.

  • Anyone fancy making a template message for people to copy? I'd like to mail him to, but can't think of what to say... except maybe alot of swearing ;)

  • It just goes to show the extreme of how different two ex-band members can be.

    Roger Waters is off to tour with session musicians doing "Dark Side of the Moon" in its entirity, he was inspired to do it cos the Magny Cour F1 organisers suggested they'd like him to do it at their race....'s just fab:music:
    tear up a fox, the hun-ting makes me glad

    Go to Gilmour's site and click on 'important stuff' and you get subjects like global warming & human rights