D not know what to do :(

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  • I have a cat called Little Miss Molly, She was hand reared and I have had her for 2 years now.
    Miss Molly has CH "Cerebella Hypoplasia" Basically she has no motor skills at all she can not walk has no balance, she get around bumps and bangs flips leaps gambowls but she does get around well she even scales the stairs (but sometimes falls down them too ! :(
    CH cats live a normal life span and are usually indoor cats. I take molly in her pet stroller over the park in the summer (people think I'm mad) but it gives her some fresh air etc.
    Molly is a happy little creature dispite her constant bumps and bangs.
    She is very well loved and affectionate little thing and we all adore her, she is a constant source of amusments.
    My problem is this and its been going on for 2 years now and I just don't know what to do .
    Molly is completely and utterly incontanent she wees and poo's everywhere and anywhere. Where ever she needs to go she goes I have carpets in my lounge and I keep her off those but sometimes she wee or poos on them I had the rest of the house laminated to hopefully help with this problem but she goes upstairs and poos up there and wees. I clean it all up day in day out I have tried all kind of trays but Molly can not use them even putting paper down. Then when she poops she often rolls in it and then flips and rolls all over the house. I am VERY clean with all this but It brings me down I have 4 children and they are very good at telling me as soon as Molly soils but its the kids I am constantly worrying about.
    I know cat poo contains toxyplasmosia etc.
    I am concidering having her put down as I simply can't do this anymore as much as I love her and will break my heart I just can't take it much more.
    I have phoned all ALL the cats protection places and cats homes but no one will have her. The one I got really mad with because the woman said she wouldn't be rehomable (true) as she is so disabled. I said its a hygeine issue tho not because she has bad health at all and they said we are well aware but its the fact we will not be able to rehome her not the mess etc. She followed to say all out full time permanent resident cat places are taken just now so I offered to take a non re homer of them If they could home Molly and she then said no sorry we can't take on a messy cat like that!!!!!!!
    so what should I do do I have her put down ??? she is happy and healthy :( If I had no kids I will manage on but with 4 kids all young I just can't keep her what should I do :(

  • Thats a hard one , she is gonna be hard to rehome obviously with her problems . Could you not shut the door so she cant get upstairs?

  • no my home is open plan I also have servere clostraphobia so I can't have shut doors in my house I only have doors on my bathrooms but its not really the issue of her going upstairs she messes everywhere. :(

  • I know this sounds a bit wierd but you can get pants for cats and dogs for when they are menstruating, can you adapt one to be an incontinence pad? Or get some normal cloth nappies and sew one cat sized? There must be a way to do it. It would really be a shame to put little kitty down when she is otherwise healthy and you love her so much.

  • thas a tough one.
    but i think youre right to be concerned about the kids/yourself n cat poo.
    it can cause blindness n stuff cant it ?

    much as i love my animals and i really do ,
    the kids have got to come first n anything that puts them at risk,ummmm.

    i'm really feeling for you here as you obviously love your puddy tat and your kids.
    tough tough desision :hug:
    cleaning mess up all the time is a lot for you to deal with,its enough to do cleaning up after the kids isnt it .

    i hope you find a mad ole cat lady somewhere who would take her in
    my thoughts are with you all x

  • I have tried cat diapers and tried my own but omg the mess I would have to bath her each and everytime she poo'd. plus she was utterly freeked out by them :(

  • I have tried cat diapers and tried my own but omg the mess I would have to bath her each and everytime she poo'd. plus she was utterly freeked out by them :(

    Poor cat, that's no good at all. Will have another think.

  • [ame='http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fc2aGGfMaaQ']YouTube - Dog incontinence, cat incontinence, cat nappies, cat nappy[/ame]

  • she just can't use a tray at all of any kind so poor thing just has to do it where ever has no need to "control" it just poops and pees where ever

  • unless in her cat stroller Molly is very scared of been out doors so that wouldn't be any good :(

  • Molly's fk then unless you stand by her or she is more adaptable to change than we humans care to believe. Its hard to help nature out and justify our intervention. If I lived in a good safe zone I would try and take over what you have started. Have you contacted the cats protection league? Is there an operation that could relieve her suffering?

  • Molly is by no means suffering or in any pain and no opperation can help her she was born like it I really find it a little upsetting that people may think I "started" and am giving up on her this is my pain you see. So many people have told me to put her down so many but I have never agreed to it because she is so happy. If I thought she was suffering I would have her put to sleep in a shot. The vet told me she is perfectly happy and health its a morral decission. He siad he could not have gotten as far as I have with her. Maybe I am giving up. Idon't know .... If I did not have small children it wouldn't be so bad . . . . I really don't want to "lumber" her off to someone else thats really not what I want but if there were a specialist place for disabled cats I would def concider it and pay her bills. Yes I have contacted the CPL and many other cats homes they don't want to know.
    When I reared Molly I researched CH very well and there are hundreds of these cats in the world and hardley any of them have the problem Molly has because some CH is not so servere. So I had to give her a try for life. But she has the worst possible CH I never thought she would have it to the extent she has. Maybe I shouldn't have tried I feel really shite now really.