craving sugar? is it healthy?

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  • so i'm pukey mcsick still and the only thing which is taking it off since i quit the reefers is chocolate and hot sugary squash - or toffee popcorn - it feels wrong and really unhealthy to be eating so much sugary stuff plus i dont want to clap a load of weight on and end up with gestational diabetes...

    i've lost LOTS of weight due to only being interested in eating healthy foods - mainly fruit, turkey salad sandwiches and breakfast cereals when i had the sickness in check with the smoking - i felt very healthy and full of energy - in comparison now i'm feeling weak and sick and i can only just walk up the road/round the shops without feeling really ill

    i get a lot of sleep/naps so its not a rest issue - i went swimming with ike and the next day i was SO ill - throwing up, headache, weak as a newborn lamb...

    i fell like i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place - when i smoked i was feeling good with lots of energy and a very healthy diet - but smoking - now i've stopped all i can stomach is shite - i throw anything fruit or veg based up despite my best efforts to keep it down and i have no energy - i wanted to start some regular exercise to get ready for labour but i'm simply not able...

    ARGH! this is a no win situation...i dont know what to do for the best - i want to quit smoking once and for all but equally i really dont feel eating so much sugar is good for me and the constant sickness and bettle with myself every mealtime is putting me under a lot of stress - which is bad for me


  • hit the dried fruits babe :hug: they are what got me through the first trimester with Henry n the only thing that staved off the sickness... funnily enough its dried fruits and nuts that I snack on still :) i was also told that good quality high cocoa content chocolate is great for snacking on in pregnancy - don't worry too much bout your weight babe - i put on at least 3 stone before i stopped weighing meself whilst pregnant and have only got just over a stone to lose ;) n i bet i started off a lot heavier than you babe - i certainly weren't gettin into size 16's let alone size 12's :hug: you'll be fine - julian graves do a lovely selection of healthy snacky stuff and you'll get good sugary hit from the dried fruit n good fats from nuts n seeds :)

    Also on the smoking front.. WELLDONE! :hug: you're doing brilliantly to have given up n you could always bung a bit of herb in some cooking if that is all that will help you to stop feeling sick :hug: or have a pipe if tis just the baccy you not wantin to smoke maybe?

    Loves you loads

  • I always get sugar cravings during the first 3 months of pregnancy, i used to eat my way through 4 jumbo bags of haribos a day :eek: I know, not good! It was because the pregnancy was taking up so much energy that my body was trying to compensate. Sarah's right tho you should try sugary alternatives like dried fruit, but go for the unsulphured kind as most dried fruit, especially apricots, are treated with sulphur dioxide which is actually a poison.

  • thanx for the advice ladies :hug:

    i'll stock up on dried fruit - def not going back to the smoking as i feel better in my chest and brain for it - not to mention cutting down risks to baby - i always said when the cons outweighed the pros i'd knock it on the head - quite chuffed with myself actually :)

    i forced my crimbob dinner down with a few urges to hurl but following it with a bowl of apple pie and custard has sorted to nausea out for now - maybe thats another thing i can try - force healthiness down then eat crap after to keep it there!

  • its a good plan willow but i cant stand ginger! simon just made me mini kievs, jacket tattie with cheese and broccoli and i forced it down but now i feel awful...


    time to try some cadburys celebrations...

  • i know its wrong but i enjoy a diet of fast food, takeaways and generally anything unhealthy..i should be fat but i'm not for some reason..can jus eat what i want. apparantly you have to be well fatter than me to get high cholestral aswell so i'm doing ok. lol

  • i know its wrong but i enjoy a diet of fast food, takeaways and generally anything unhealthy..i should be fat but i'm not for some reason..can jus eat what i want. apparantly you have to be well fatter than me to get high cholestral aswell so i'm doing ok. lol

    Some fast food is vile tho isn't it, and Macd's is like licking a postage stamp to me, i'm starving again half an hour later!!
    When i was really sicky when preggy with my youngest i just lived on potatoes for the first three months, alphabites were my fave. Its a shame you don't like ginger, do you think some of your morning sickness might be stress related? knowing you as i do, that seems like a daft question, but you could always try some relaxing herbal infusions to see if relaxation helps.

  • i agree dried fruits are great

    hugs for you though feeling like that is so horrible

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  • you could always try a homeopath hun. they have like 20 different remedies for sickness and they are specially tailored to your kind of sickness, like when you get sick, what comes up, etc. might be a winner. :)

    try not to worry too much, i lived on coca cola(sainsburys own brand only), uncle bens chicken korma, mashed potato and boiled eggs. thats about it, fpr 9 months, lol i survived and eden is gret. :) i totally went off chocolate and coffee tho. weird thing pregnancy. :)

    hang in there babe, it should let up a bit soon. xxxxx

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  • Oh yes, dried fruits and dark chocolate are both great as they are full of iron!

    I struggled so much with giving up smoking when I was pregnant but in the end I decided any amount of 'crap' food was better, so really just eat what you can manage. I think I pretty much lived off ice cream for the last six weeks :o but hey, look on the bright side its full of calcium! And as I hate milk it was probably my body telling me what I needed.

  • I went right off everything even a cuppa tea would come up as quick as it went down, I lived on marmite straight from the jar,chocolate by the bar and ice cream, try not to worry about what you are eating/drinking the stress of it will do more harm than the bad diet, eat and drink whatever you feel like at the time hun.

  • Despite feeling sick every day for the first 5 months I went totally nuts for Macdonalds strawberry milkshake. I even sent my poor husband into town on a busy Saturday, just for that. He couldnt believe I was serious at first and kept saying, but you dont like Macdonalds, you never go there, you dont approve of them, and I said
    Luckily it didnt last and I moved on to some other MUST have food type :o

  • Ice lollies with me, I've been making my own but had to resort to sending hubby out at night to get me an 8 pack when I ran out! I've also had the coca cola cravings and I used to hate the stuff! but I know it's bad for you so have been trying not to drink too much.