Toy Guns

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  • By the time my daughter was 5, she had an arsnel of toy guns that you wouldn't belive, asault rifles, smg's, hand guns, grenades, plastic knives etc, but she also had a respect for them, never pointing them at any one or anything else as stupid, she once found a ornamental flint lock pistol, which to her was the size of a shot gun and brought it strait to me, carrying it safe, it's the parents aproach to guns that's dangerous, not the childs, they don't know any better than what they have been taught, I agree with people not wanting there children growing up in a "gun culture" or turning into that Ryan dick head, but we all must remember, it's people that kill people, not guns, or swords, or sticks, or fists, or I.C.B.M.'s. Somebody hits some one with a fist, the other guy realises that a stick would do more damage, so the fist guy, confronted with a stick, gets a long piece of metal, the other guy then dose the same and makes it sharpe, etc, etc and so on, getting rid of guns, toys or real steel isn't going to make any diference, they will only find a substitute, for eg, you can't carry a knife more than 4 inches long, unless your a little old lady going to a friends house in the next street to lend her an 8 inch carving knife, so, there's going to be guns, and kids will want toy ones, so educate them, so they don't become the Ryans of this world, it's all we realy can do.

  • Quote from Animalcrt5

    but we all must remember, it's people that kill people, not guns, or swords, or sticks, or fists, or I.C.B.M.'s.

    To a point, I agree. But people kill people more efficiently with better tools. People are more likely to kill people if they think it's the norm or if they think it's cool. Glorifying weaponry must be considered in that context.

  • You're absolutly right, that's what I meant about gun culture, it's knolege that stops people being killed (please excuse the spilling mistakes), in the 2nd world war, carpet boming city's was the norm, now, if a laser guided missile goes wrong and kills 10 civilians, every body is up in arms about it, or a dog fight with 20 ME109's and 18 Spitfires doing battle inside a 2 mile square piece of sky, how many friendly fire incidents do you think happend, but were never mentioned. This is something I don't like to think or say, but some people just need killing, Sadam was killing hundreds of thousands of his own people and had to be stopped, personaly, I would have sent in one SEAL team and capped him instead of starting a war (but we all know what that was about), i have struggled with this for a long time, but there was no other way, ok, so we got him alive, but at what cost, knolege is the key, so, yeah, you're right.

  • I'm with StormyPagan on this one we tried not to give our little boy, now 3 guns etc but he just picked up sticks and pretended they were guns instead. I can't say he got this off TV we don't have one, or Electronic games,no-one plays them in our house, So I am forced to think its most likely nature not nurture that boys want guns,girls want dolls. I do worry though about the trivialising of death in games and on TV and would'nt want either of my kids exposed to that until their a lot older.

  • Well i never wanted anything like toy guns i was very much into stereotypical stuff like dolls(altho my mum did try to get me to play with cars etc it just didnt work) my brother was a typical boy but my momma wouldnt let him have toy guns and i think i'd be exactly the same with my kids,i think it sends out the wrong message i hate violence!