What arts and craft things have you been making lately?

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  • I've been making more hats and arm warmers. Jon had photographed a whole lot of them for me. Now all I have to do is sit down and list them on Artfire. These are a couple I didn't manage to sell at the weekend craft fair.

    Next week I'm going to get the sewing machine out and get lots of Pirate Pixie Crew bunting made.

    I'm waiting on 2 deliveries of wool so I can start some commission orders of hats.

    So what have you been working on?

  • Wow lovely stuff! I especially likee the really long hat!
    I've been working on felting bags/purses for Christmas presents
    Will take photos when they're done

  • I've been making Christmas cards. In previous years I made lots and I didn't think I'd have time this year, and then I came up with a design I could do quickly and easily with Aiken involved, so I've done lots. I'd post a picture, but I want to send them to one or two people on here first.

  • I love the bluey pixie hat! :D

    Been on a gem-chip jewellery rampage after PTM's raggydoll had to come to a halt for the sewing machine's service. The tension button kept unreeling and making the stitch loop up at the back of the fabric, so making things was a bit of an uphill struggle. Working great now, though, so I should be able to get up to date pretty quickly now.

  • I recovered the dineing room chairs useing an old hippy skirt ..
    sounds dodgy, but i think they look alright,better than they did this mornin anyhow.

    tomoro i'm going to start Celyn's raggy doll.
    I've had an idea :angel:

  • I've made a couple of cards so far, my first ever! Quite chuffed with how they came out :D

    And a felt Nintendo DS holder with a skull and crossbones on the front for M's lad...it's a bit too snug for my liking tho (perfectionist! :rolleyes: ) so i've ordered some bigger pieces of felt. Should be done by the end of the week. That's my first ever sewing machine project as well...been a bizzi bee this weekend i have! :D

    I'll post piccies when i get my camera lead back :)

  • Ooooo you put pics up when i wasnt looking :D they look fantabulous Jo.:thumbup:

  • ive been making a blanket for a pram which my little cousin's getting for xmas..putting the finishing touches on some squares for another blankety/throw type thing..customising a skirt...and some more crochet things that im half way through!


    awww!!! how sweet is that! there needs to be more knittin men!:)
    I bin makin hats a lot like skullys first one with little ears! and lots of baby stuff

    nice chairy thingies jo btw!:) my arse might just about fit on there!:pp

  • Loving those chair covers!

    I haven't done any crafting for a while but I'm making jewellery for Christmas Pressies, then after Christmas hoping to start on a Baby Blanket :D

  • Wow, what a talented bunch of people we all are :D
    I look forward to seeing all the promised photos.

    I've spent the day listing on artfire again. I'm hoping the traffic on the site picks up soon.

    How are all you sellers on MISI doing? Are you getting traffic?

  • that helps an awfull lot guess i will have to :google: it.didnt want to start a new thread for it thats all

    Sorry, i was amused...

    There are two types of felting, wet and dry. Although there are many different opinions on the best way.

    Use the heal of your hand and your thumb to pull out some fibres and lie them down in a tray (wet felting) or on a piece of foam (dry). Do this to the size of your piece with all the fibres going the same way. Then make another layer but going across those fibres so they go the other way. Repeat until you have many layers.
    What happens now differs from the different ways

    Wet felting
    Then sprinkle a little water over it and squirt on a little soap and put a cloth over it. Rub it gently in circles. Keep doing that until all the fibres have knitted together.

    Dry felting
    Then use a felting kneedle to stab the foam through the fibres until they knit together. Keep turning it over so that you dont end up completely velcroed to the foam.
    It also helps not to damage the table if you put a cutting mat under it.
    Don't do it on your knee.
    Be careful of the felting kneedle its really sharp.

    Cant explain it better than that though.