What arts and craft things have you been making lately?

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  • I also made pyjamas for Luby (must take a pic) and I'm almost finished on the owlet. It's taken me a while because I'm doing the sleeves on a circular (magic loop) grrr why oh why didn't I pick up the damn DPNs???

  • I like those Vampira... especially the second one with the musical notes in the wings :)

    Super cute pjs minimummy! Do you think it's cheaper to make your own stuff? I would imagine these days it's not, as you can get clothes for next to nothing in some places now. Whenever I buy fabric it seems so expensive!

  • Those aren't the PJs, (sorry, I just made it sound like they were) those are for Lily. The PJs I made are for Luby, must take pic, must take pic ;)

    Well. The thing is, I can go into Primark and buy a whole new wardrobe for say...£100? That would cover my eldest for a good few months. I have three problems with doing this:

    1. I've never been a huge fan of the little hooker range *sighs*
    2. The quality is C.R.A.P
    3. I'd be supporting the sweat shops if I did...

    Now we all have times of need where dosh is low and child number 2, for example, has put holes in every pair of pants/socks/trousers they own. In those circumstances I go to Primark and deal with the guilt because if my child needs something, my child needs something.

    Other than that, I wouldn't say anything I ever make costs more than something you'd buy from Next, for example. A few days ago I bought 8 metres of fabric for £12 at my local market. That will make 6 pairs of PJs (2 pairs each for the oldest three aged 3, 5 and 7)
    If I went to buy pyjamas from Next, I'd probably pay £12 per pair.

    Sometimes it's cheap, sometimes it's not. It depends how much you want to spend on fabric, I guess. If I wanted everything made in Robert Kauffman fabric, I'd need continuous support from my bank manager until I hit retirement ;)

  • Ah... well they're lovely anyway! :D Looking forward to pics of the other things, especially the owlet!

    I know what you mean. I was thinking about it in terms of being skint and trying to save money. It's crazy how cheap the likes of Primark is. There is a certain amount of guilt that goes with buying from there (who makes clothes for Next?), but I understand that sometimes it's got to be done. That's an excellent deal on the fabric! I guess you can make it stretch a lot more when making clothes for the little people :)

    I'm thinking of trying a wrap style skirt for myself as I've found a nice pattern. I just don't want to spend too much on the fabric!

  • Oh... forgot to ask... do you use an overlocker when making clothes? I'm not sure if it's essential or not? I don't own one, unfortunately.

  • I don't, no. I tend to either zig zag to prevent fraying, or I do flat felled seams. I'm going to invest in an overlocking foot though. Saves buying the whole machine (but I don't know how great it will be...)

    Where do you buy fabric? It always works out more expensive when you add postage. I tend to buy locally, but even then there are two fabric stalls on our market. One is great, the other is massively overpriced. Denim and heavyweight fabrics are the ones to avoid because they're super expensive. Corduroy is quite cheap and if I can get away with it I'll buy polycottons instead of 100% cottons. Sure they're great, but on a budget they're not affordable! I suppose if I was buying it for my clothes I might be more inclined to buy the good stuff, but the kiddies trash everything they wear ;) so there really isn't much point...

  • Love those Minimummy

    I have an overlocker and love it. I really don't think you'd be able to replicate it with a foot on a normal machine. One of the best things about overlocking in sewing stretchy/jersey fabrics because the stitches stretch with the fabric.

    It's by no means essential for sewing clothes but it is nice :) Finishes everything off well. It's a bugger if anything goes wrong on it though!

  • In Bristol the best place for fabric is a market that's in a predominantly asian area, the patterns are beautiful and the prices are far far less than in shops. Markets are by far the best place for bargains!

  • Thank you sooz :)

    I have an overlock stitch on my machine, but it doesn't cut the fabric the way an overlocker would... That's why I'm gonna try the foot. I just love neat lines :D I've read some pretty good reviews on it but it is what it is. I don't think it'll be anywhere near as good as an actual machine. For me, it's a step up from a basic machine without paying out a fortune.

  • When my kids were little I used to go to jumble sales and buy adult clothes in nice fabric that I could cut down for my kids clothes. Cotton full skirts, maternity clothes, even curtain material sometimes....I could usually make something for about 25p! But then I was on a SERIOUS budget!!!!!! There don't seem to be as many jumble sales nowdays.

  • When my kids were little I used to go to jumble sales and buy adult clothes in nice fabric that I could cut down for my kids clothes. Cotton full skirts, maternity clothes, even curtain material sometimes....I could usually make something for about 25p! But then I was on a SERIOUS budget!!!!!! There don't seem to be as many jumble sales nowdays.

    Even charity shops seem to be charging the earth for stuff. I've found it cheaper to buy on ebaay than my local one!!

  • Carboots are better than charity shops, you won't normally pay more than 50p-£1 for an item of clothing

    It's tricky with me not driving at the moment. Course starts tomorrow, though! :woohoo:

    I often see things in charity shops now that cost more than they were in the original shop! Barnardos and oxfam are the worst

    Yeah. I disagree with the fact that they price items based on their brand, too. I understand they need the money but that's taking advantage of one social class in order to benefit another. I refuse to donate to charity shops anymore because I know the families that really need the stuff will end up getting ripped off. I'd rather use freecycle (but even then you never know if people are flogging your stuff on ebay....)

    Grumble over :D

  • I agree about the charity shops, they're really expensive now. I bought an embroidered blue velvet coat at a car boot a couple of weeks ago for £3 (worn once!) and 8 sets of bamboo knitting needles in a quilted carrying case for 50p. I also bought a pair of red Doc Martens that didn't fit me for £2 and sold them on ebay for £20! I did mention in another thread about the brand new overlocker I got at the same car boot for £20. I would have no possessions if it weren't for car boots!!!!

    And I love the kiddies clothes, they look so sweet. You have such beautiful children Minimummy.

  • Thannk you, Grindal. Yes, when I get the car sorted we'll be livingg at car boot sales ;)
    I've finished the Owlet now and just about to try out a new Addi circular that I bought. I'm excited :reddevil:

    Will get pics up at some point, I'm so blooming lazy!

  • Car boots are great for cheap clothes and stuff. Most charity shops have put their prices up but not all of them, try going to the charity shops that aren't well known such as Oxfam and British heart foundation. They are so expensive it's unreal! You can get new clothes for thoese prices :/

    I have been busy bundling postcards and making individual price tags for them and wrapping them in string. I think they look awesome, will post pics tomorrow :)

  • Ah... now that is lovely :) All her friends are going to want one of those now!

    I haven't bought much fabric really, but when I have it's either been quite expensive small bits from ebay (birdy stuff etc.), or from a shop near me, which only sells fabric and other crafty stuff. I think it is quite cheap there. It is compared to John Lewis anyway!