Introducing Henry Patrick Rohan :) 12/11/08 10.34am 7lb 14oz

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  • Hello lovely hippy people :heart:

    Well as you all know my waters went about 7pm Tuesday evening in a manner akin to the niagra soon as i got to the loo i knew my baby was being born in the RUH. They were heavily tinged with meconium meaning the baby had poo'd inside me.
    We went to Frome for monitoring and whilst on the monitors, Henry's heartbeat dipped drastically through three contractions so we quickly decided to go to the RUH. I had a very exciting ambulance ride into Bath - mwaha - out of my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......

    On arriving in Bath they popped me on the monitors and stuck a drip of saline up. It was blatanly obvious that i was just a bit dehydrated and the saline worked a treat...Henry was fine but i needed to be observed closely to make sure he continued to be fine. We were moved into a birthing room and Mum went for a lie down and Lee and I watched a bit of telly before we decided to try n get some rest. The midwives were really happy with the trace and the registrar said the monitors could come off but drip had to stay in. Contractions started coming on very strong and was feeling it all in my back. At about 3am the midwife got me a birthing ball which i bounced and sat on with my head resting on end of bed til about 5am. i was doing reiki on my back every contraction but then it got to apoint i needed more consistent heat. So i asked my wonderful midwife Lyn if I could have a bath and she said of course...

    I stayed in the tub for an hour and a half and managed to kinda zone out a bit...contractions was comin as strong but pain was bareable cos of heat in me back from the water. I got out for more monitoring which started at 7am. I knew that the contractions had eased right off though so had already started to mentally prepare myself for the next bit...

    Had a discussion with Lyn whilst she was monitoring me about my options and she said to talk it all through with the registrar but she was positive about me thinking along the lines i was thinking...Mum swapped with Lee who had been with me all night and Lee went to get brekkie. Talked it all through with mum, had a cry and then the midwive's changed over and Anne came in who was absolutely wonderful. Anne helped me to get things straight in my head and then the registrar came in - think bout 9am. She'd only just started work but her first question was.. "how keen are you to have this vaginal delivery Sarah?" I'd already decided on the answer to that question.. " I just want my baby in my arms as soon as possible please" The registrar talked through all my options with me but i knew he had to be born that day and i knew it would be better for us all to do it calmly with minimum panic rather than try and persist with labouring under synthetic induction drugs and risk my uterus...I signed the consent forms for an emergency caesearian section which was totally my very positive and adamant decision and within moments the anaesthetists were in talking it all through with me and mum.

    Mum went n found Lee and he got kitted up and i walked down to theatre. Sketched a bit cos brought Charlie's birth flooding back but the staff were absolutely wonderful - they already was aware and completely empathic to where my head was at. They used a long needle and got the spinal block done. We all had a giggle whilst they tickled me with the cold spray until i was numb in all the right places. With Lee sat at my head they began the operation and cos i was mentally associating the pulling and tugging with pain they gave me the gas and air mask.. took me a few minutes to work out what exactley to do with it like but thanks to Bob the anaesthetist i was soon doin my job and lettin them get on with theres...


    my milk's come in today and no baby blues in this house tonight...just total utter loved-upedness all round :heart:

    Need to upload all these pics to photobucket which am sure i will get round to at some point...

    Little man is a total boobie monster we got breastfeeding cracked yesterday - amazed at how much i remember from feedin charlie in all honesty and am feelin really quite smug and earth motherly about the whole shebang...

    We got home just after lunch and Henry know's he's home. Left Lee n Henry on there own for a few minutes and came back and saw the love affair between father and son in full throttle :heart:

    Couldn't be happier right now :D :D :D

    Here's Henry anyway :)


    So happy for you! I am meant to be cooking, but when I saw you were online I had to wait to see how you are and to look at pictures!!!!

    :heart: love to you all :heart: and so many congratumalations! Happy boobie snuggling! :D

    *runs off to attend to burning dinner*

  • ahhhh.....!!! hes too cute!

    look at his hair :D haha! makes me broody *bad hana... got too many already XD*

    hes well lush! *squeels*

    did he get his parcel?

  • n here be the picture that is my defining memory of Henry being born - i could not take my eyes off them :heart: that was the moment when i knew that I'd go through all that again in a heartbeat - go through anything life chucks at us with this man at my side :heart: will never forget that moment for aslong as i live....

  • congratulations sarah! hes sooo cute ;O))) ~ :D i hope to meet him one day. i dont know much about the process of birth or stuff but i think you have done pretty bloomin well! ~ congratulations for your little family
    love kel and mark xxxxx

  • Thankyou Rainey yes.. absolutely gorgeous hun xxxxxxxx

    Gonna go spend the evening with my slightly bigger family guys n try n squish in a chinese take away before little man wants more bitty :lol:


  • Congratulations - he's lovely :D :D :D

    I think he looks a bit like his Dad.

    I'm so glad you had a positive experience with the c-section this time around, I reckon that will have laid a few ghosts to rest, won't it?

  • ahhhh i all crying!!!

    an me, an I havent even ever met you.. this has to change next year..
    massive congrats to all of you, he is absolutely GORGEOUS!!


    go through anything life chucks at us with this man at my side

    that is just right. so chuffed for ya hon.. xx

  • Annie he looks loads like his Dad and there will be no mistaking Charlie and Henry as brothers either :D
    He's asleep here at the moment in the moses basket behind me. He is alot like Charlie in that he absolutely loves to suckle and in the early hours of this morning with two red raw nipples that were bleeding i remembered the dummy i had packed and when he was in "suckle cos wanna go sleep" mode n screaming everytime he fell off the boob, i popped the dummy in next time he fell off n he looked at me - sucked twice like maggie off the simpsons and fell asleep with a look of utter contentment on his face. The dummy fell out after an hour and he woke up not long after just looking at me so i picked him up n put him to the breast and he just snuggled up to it and went back to sleep so he slept next to me in bed for another three hours - woke up fed for an hour - fell asleep suckling n fell off n started crying again so i popped the dummy back in and he slept for another hour - woke up - had another hour n fell asleep.. by which time the midwife had come round n i checked with her n she smiled at me n said - you look good for some sleep, you've done this before and you are doing brilliantly - he's feeding well latching on brilliantly and is very content :D Popped the dummy in when Lee arrived to take us home cos we was mid feed - he slept in back of his great grandad's car all the way home n we've been feeding all afternoon with great success - milk came in early this afternoon n he's drained both boobs already and is now having a good long snooze :D
    Lee's already said that he is sleepin on the sofa tonight so we can have the bed all to ourselves n i can call him to get anything :heart: he gonna jump in tomorrow morning for big long snuggles - not had much sleep cos of fullmoon crying babies all round - met some other wonderful c-section mummies last two days and we all had beautiful experiences :D
    Big shout out to the RUH - totally blown me away that hospital has - we are going to send thankyou cards to the birthing team of midwives who were all fantastic, the theatre staff who made a very scary and emotional time an absolutely unforgettably wonderful experience, and the post-natal team on the wards who have looked after us fantastically and who have also left us alone - 200% positive experience from the RUH teams :D :D :D they came through when i really needed them too and yes

    TOTAL HEALING! ... hence Rohan :) means healing in sanskrit :heart:

  • sarah i am blown away by your pictures, im so very very happy for you sweetheart and your baby is absolutly stunning :D
    charlie looks like hes taken to bigbrotherhood like a duck to water

    congratulations sister you made it :D:D:D

    love you all loads :congrats::congrats::congrats: