Bus oil dip stick question!

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  • I wanted to check the oil on my bus so as you do took the dip stick out!
    now i can't get it back in atall it seems rather bent and i think it's had it.
    i haven't been able to source a new one yet and wondered if it matters?
    i understand that without it the oil may travel up the tube.
    if i cover the top of the hole with a lump of blue tack or something will that do? and just give regular guestimates and add a little oil at a time?
    any ideas would be greatfully received.


  • Actually it does matter I am afraid. You need to get the amount of oil in the sump to be at the right level. You need the dipstick to check this. Too little you will loose oil pressure and the engine will seize. Too much and you will eventually loose oil pressure and the engine will seize. Sticking on a bit of blue tack is not a good idea either. You will probably loose oil and have no idea of how much you are loosing and end up with a seized engine.

    If it is bend, the best and cheapest thing to do is find somebody with a block and hammer, and have it straightened out.

  • Have you tried volkspares?

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  • they don;t do stuff for a lt28 but i have emailed off another few places.
    straightening has been tried but it just won't go back in.
    do you think it is okay to drive in the mean time.
    i was planning a road trip in 2 weeks time,,,,,,,my first proper maiden voyage!!

  • Personally I would reconsider until you get the dipstick sorted. You don't want a maiden voyage like the Titanic's. Without the dipstick you will have no way of knowing if you have too much or too little oil in your engine. Although the problems associated with too much oil will show up with the engine over heating first, by then most of the damage has been done and it will only be a matter of time before you are stuck in some remote part of the country looking for a new engine.

  • Perhaps I haven't read this posting correctly but you need the correct dipstick for the correct engine otherwise!!!! My mate is a dipstick but he's no good at all.:D

  • on the other hand i put in a new monster battery and wired in some 12v sockets and they work fine so i am not completely useless.....just most of the time and on the simple things!

  • Are you sure that you can't get one from a VW dealer?? They should still be able to get one even if it has to come from Germany.
    There is some tolerance in oil levels, on an engine of that size (I'm assuming its a 2 - 2.5ish litre 4 cylinder? or thereabouts?) there will be a difference of a litre or so between the high and low levels on the dipstick (the two notches or marks you see on the stick)

    But yes, you need to keep the level at the recommended, too little oil or too much oil will screw your engine. (but you do need quite a bit more than the max to do damage)

    There is a long and convoluted way to make a dipstick:
    The manual/handbook will give you the quantity the sump needs, then measure the sump fairly accurately and work out the volume, you can then draw a line on the sump where the oil level should be. You can then make one out of a piece of spring steel or similar, measuring the steel where it corresponds with the line on the sump pan (though you will need to actually remove the sump to do this...) As I said its a long and convoluted way to do it, only for people with experience I feel) - its easier to buy one...

  • thanks bike bodger, but what do i put over the hole where it came from.
    volkswagon van centre is near where i live but i'm away working at the minute and still waiting to my email part enquiries.

    you guys are all such a wealth of knowledge.

  • while i reckon you should try really hard to get a new dipstick (breakers, maybe?),
    most dipsticks tops are a push fit into the tube - not exactly designed to withstand any pressure. Basically its to stop oil coming out and probably more to stop bits of grit getting in. So i cant see that plugging it up with a bit of cloth would do any harm.

  • What I dont understand is the dipstick was in you took it out, it should go back in.
    I know this may sound silly but are you sure you are putting it in the right place.

  • Not a silly question as it is me you are talking to! It's deffinatly in the right place!
    Even an rac parked near me so i asked him to have a poke but he just couldn't do it and he didn't question the hole!

  • thanks bike bodger, but what do i put over the hole where it came from.

    I wouldn't even try blu tack as it won't stick to the greasy/oily surface of an engine apparently...:whistle:

    There is an old tractor here on the farm I'm trying to get a dipstick for, it currently it has a small lump of greenwood wedged in the hole (ie break a small branch off, so the wood is pliable & will mould to the hole)
    Or a piece of polythene/ heavy plastic bag & a cable tie would probably do, there's not a great deal of pressure there.

    There's probably several in breakers across the UK, as they used to be fairly common.

  • i used to have a lt 35 i would think its the same type engine,the tube that the dip stick goes in is held in place by a 8mm bolt and a c type clip at the bottom,try taking it of and having a look thru it to c if its blocked or kinked,if its not get a torch and have a look down the hole it came out of,its a bit of a hassel but u do get to know the engine a bit better,best of luck,will keep an eye on this thread to see how you get on,

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  • i wouldent do that mite get shit in the engine,a pencil with a bit of elastoplast would be better,been there done that.happy tinkering.

    :asskiss:if your not living on the edge you take up too much room,full on or not on:asskiss:

  • just a thought - are you going to the breakers and asking for the dipstick, if so what you do is ask for some other part for the engine and when you find the dipstick, that gets cleaned and slipped down your trouser leg, then you go back and say you didnt find the exact part you wanted, and bobs your uncle, there you have a new dipstick, a pocket full of spare fuses and of course a few spare bulbs.