Thrush - at my wit's end

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  • ahhh, sounds so bad hunny, have a big :hug:

    stress can make thrush a million times worse (i got it bad when i was trying to cope at college). your OH doesnt sound particularly helpful, i wonder if the stress of that was making it worse. obviously not a nice thing to think about when you already feel like shit, but perhaps its a root problem that needs to be sorted out before you can get better.

    i really hope you feel better soon.

  • have only just skimmed through this thread hunny

    but as messy as it sounds try lying on the bed on an old towel with natural live yoghurt on yer bits
    its great for thrush

    i had a terrible bout of thrush after having my last baby oral and down below i had the whole discharge and was coughing up something resembling cottage cheese

    thrush is what docs call marotal vd and is passed from the woman to the man and back again its a viscious circle

    i was given canesten first but it dident work so doc gave me something it was a cream you squirted into a tube and inswerted it it really helps with the itching and smelling
    it began with a d but i cant remember what its called
    you also take a pill and nystatin for the oral thrush

    go and mention it to your gp it cant do any harm hunny

    big hugs

  • I know the cream you mean, its called gynodaktarin but they don't make it anymore, it was bloody good stuff too.

  • [quote='LittlestMushroom','']Do you mean home birth, when a midwife is present, and if anything goes wrong, they call in a helicopter to airlift you hospital?

    Or do you mean 'freebirthing', which, I do agree, can be a pretty fatal idea if you don't have someone on standby. A lot of people have mentioned freebirthing where they have a midwife in the next room in case anything DOES go wrong, but that in turn begs the question, why isn't she doing her job? QUOTE]

    Both are one and the same.
    If there is a midwife present n complications occur...believe me, even if previously in the other room (usually by request)they spring into action.:thumbup:

    I live just down from you in the wye Valley,also a big forest :)
    n i gave birth at home safely recently,with no pain relief n no medical intervention until the very final moments of delivery.
    it was beatiful and i would definatly opt for that again.
    Even tho my gp is totally against it because of where we live being a long way from a hospital.

    back to the thrush..
    you really have my sympathy hun :hug:
    i've never suffered it bad like you so other than the tea tree n yoghurt, wouldnt kno what to suggest..

    however your welcome to pop down n stay at mine any time (to book in to a different drs as a visiting patient :))

    good luck , hope your feeling loads better real soon

  • Oh hunny, what a horrible thing to go through. i've never had it this bad, but i get it every time i have anti-biotics, drives me nuts. I take it you've tried the pessarys? as for you use condoms? cos that would make the 'him having to get up and wash' thing less problematic, and a quick wash beforehand with lots of lube could make it more comfey. i can totally relate to what you are saying about feeling dirty tho, i wont let russ anywhere near when mine is bad, partly cos it gets so friggin sore. canesten combi thingies, loads of natual youghurt to eat and washing the outside area twice a day helped me, but yours sounds very severe. your GP hads a duty of care to find out why this is happening. show her what you have written down there if you haven't told them the full severity. seeing a doc as a tempory patient wont get you sorted totally tho as they will only give you a short term solution till you see your own GP. Goodluck honey, i hope you get some relief soon.xxxxxx

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • a male perspective.

    my wife used to get thrush every time she had anti-biotics. the key to breaking the vicious circle for us was simultaneous treatment. she'd drop a "one" tablet and then we would make sure the next day that we both benefited from her pessary.

    as said in the posts above I am sure something you are eating, wearing or using is working against you. this could be anything.. but include things even like shower gel/soap, shampoo, wash powder. wearing anything at all not 100% cotton and your diet. a bit of trial and error.

    now then all the above applies to your partner as well because he could be the carrier and it could be something he is using,wearing,eating that is causing the circle.

    men can carry thrush without ANY symptoms. (which is just not fair they chant!)

    and remember it is not a cleanliness is an infectious relax..

  • Poor you, that sounds really awful :( I agree it sounds serious and to keep pestering the doctors. These are the things that sprang to my mind:

    Are you eating live yoghurt or taking friendly bacteria supplements? Apparently l. sporogenes is the best strain to take (tablets) - as it won't die off in transit or storage like most strains. I also remember reading a while ago about a 'friendly' type of yeast you can take, but I can't find it on google I'm afraid.

    Could you have some reiki treatments? Might help on some sort of non-specific 'energetic' level? Most people I've come across who do it are lovely and like to help so they will often do it for free if you haven't got much money.

    I've looked in my aromatherapy book and it suggests applying either vitamin E ointment or KY Jelly with 2 drops of essential oil added to 1 teaspoon of it. Any from: german chamomile, yarrow, marjoram, cajeput, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, myrhh, thyme, patchouli. It also recommends that your partner takes the friendly bacteria and cuts out sugar etc as well. There's actually loads more about it in that chapter, not going to type it all out now but maybe another time if you want.

    General massages anywhere on your body, with any of those essential oils (in a base oil) might help as well, as the oils will get into the bloodstream that way.

    I hope you feel better soon. x

  • man,you rock :hug:
    welcome home

  • I think there is a number of possibilities and to tackle the problem you will need to tackle the root cause and not just the thrush.

    Are you on the pill?

    Have you had a fasting blood glucose test done? I am pretty sure any doctor worth their salt would order a few blood tests to rule out the possibility of diabetes.

    Also somebody mentioned about your partner wearing a condom when you are having sex.

    I hope you get it sorted soon though


  • Popping home quickly, so no time for an in-depth post. Thankyou for all the advice - most of the things I've seen are familiar, but I've picked up a few tips, so thankyou all for that. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    As for blood sugar levels, I had a batch of bloods done testing pretty much anything only last month, since they thought something was up with my thyroid. Everything normal apart from slightly elevated liver function (which isn't fair, since I don't even drink. :mad:)

  • Everyone I've spoken to who's had a baby in the past ten years and really wanted to give birth at home with their first baby was given a big, fat nono. Being told 'THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT' really scares me. Especially as we live really out on a limb in a big scary forest, so getting to hospital in itself will be a bit of a task. ;)

    There have been women givig birth in the forest in houses tipis benders and buses for years and years. A midwife will be provided that what a community midwife does !!! Too far from hospital :wall::wall::rolleyes:well I went to home births 30 miles plus on country roads from nearesst hospital that why there is an ambulance service

    sorry no more advice about the thrush

  • There have been women givig birth in the forest in houses tipis benders and buses for years and years. A midwife will be provided that what a community midwife does !!! Too far from hospital :wall::wall::rolleyes:well I went to home births 30 miles plus on country roads from nearesst hospital that why there is an ambulance service

    sorry no more advice about the thrush

    Years ago, maybe. But nowadays, you get tutted at if you want to give birth at home, and god forbid it's your first baby. There's a painful shortage of midwives, and there just aren't enough to go around anymore - certainly not out on a limb to every woman who wants to give birth at home.

  • I've had 3 of my 4 babies at home. 1st in hospital. (horrible, horrible, horrible from start to finish) 2nd at home, very long (36 hours) but uncomplicated labour. 3rd one flew out after an unsure 6 minutes of labour (midwife didn't make it until delivery was happening, there would have been no way to get to the hospital!) The last one had a slight complication (placenta didn't deliver) so we had to go in after all but other than that it was always a much more positive experience than hospital.

  • Oh, littlest mushroom, that sounds awful. But...there are a few things you could do. :thumbup:

    First off it sounds like you're both passing this infection between the two of you - your partner putting thrush cream on isn't going to guarantee that he hasn't picked it up and that it's not going between you both. Try to find other ways of appreciating each other until you get to the bottom of this infection (it sounds like a few pointers in different, understanding and compassionate ways of loving wouldn't go amiss with your man). Thrush can be passed back and forward but the thing is that sometimes it's mixed with other wee bugs that make it harder to get rid of.

    Can I ask, have you been on antibiotics recently? Anti-biotics wipe out the good bacteria in your digestive system and so yeast & fungal infections can occur and can get out of hand. Try drinking a teaspoon of cider vinegar in hot water with some honey, as this'll help to get your digestion back on track after any anti-bios. Some other causes of candida/thrush are iron deficiency, (perhaps this is maybe linked to your pelvice cramps? if you are losing large amounts of blood every month, this is a possibility).

    There is a version of friendly bacteria that is really helpful for thrush - Acidophilus. You can get it from health food shops and things. It's a tablet that you take orally. BUT check with your GP that it is just thrush.

    I know lots of essential oils can help a variety of things but I personally wouldn't recommend pessaries with essential oils as these oils are very potent and may change the acidity/alkalinity of your vagina, and if you don't know what the infection is, you don't want to experiment with the effects, especially with endometriosis.

    You could try boosting your immune system up with some honey and Echinacea.:) Like the loverly folks here were saying, cut out starchy foods, sugar, caffeine and tobacco (if you're a smoker) and avoid dairy.

    Make sure that you are chucking some caustic soda and a couple of drops of Tea Tree in with your laundry - fungal infections are notoriously spreadable so you want to make sure all your towels, undies etc are fungy free when you use them again.

    PLEEEAZE....GO BACK TO YOUR DOCTOR! Or get another doctor if you're not getting proper attention. If there are large lumps falling from you, this might be something to do with your endometriosis.


    There's a painful shortage of midwives, and there just aren't enough to go around anymore - certainly not out on a limb to every woman who wants to give birth at home.

    What about a Doula? They're usually women who have experienced natural childbirth at home and offer their services of support as companions for pregnant women.