A 13-YEAR-OLD who gave birth to a baby daughter didn't know she was pregnant!

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  • Quote from crap muppet

    :eek: I find this all quite scary.


    Charlotte said she conceived on her 13th birthday while temporarily staying in a care home.

    Did i hear someone say abuse..??? That is well scary, ok they dont excactly teach sex ed in school, but..isint there....there should be ..SOMETHING ingrained within all of us???


  • what an amazing family she must come from, for her parents not to notice either:(
    mind you..my cousin didn't realise she was pregnant until the week before she gave birth...but that was because she was a tub of lard anyway and was still having periods:harhar:

  • Its surprisingly common for young teenagers to not know they are pregnant - I think its cos they tend to have really small babies and their bodies are usually undergoing so many changes that its hard to know whats going on. But to get pregnant as a result of abuse in a children's home is very scary. Its hard to know what was going on with her parents but if everything was in order at home, she wouldn't have been in a children's home even temporarily! Poor kid, what a lot to try to cope with.

  • My cousin went to the doctors this week complaining of headaches... To find she is nearing 6 months pregnant!!

    She is on the pill and has had regular periods... She is showing no signs of gaining weight..

    Its all about the position the baby is in.. so they say..

  • Quote from Exedous

    Did i hear someone say abuse..?

    i think to jump in and say abuse is a bit much! i mean at 13 i was having sex :o and i knew what i was doing.
    i ended up meeting up the the guy i slept with, years later and am now marrying him.

  • wierd although unless she was seriously fat you must be able to tell the difference between a pregnant belly and fat belly especially if the rest of you is still the same

  • Working as a midwife, i've also had a policewoman come in with bad 'period pains' and deliver a totally healthy 6lb 5oz baby boy. From looking at her you wouldn't have known that she was pregnant, she had no nausea and her periods were always sporadic. It just goes to show, it can happen to anyone- regardless of age, education and family.

    Lea x

  • Quote from rohan wood

    i think to jump in and say abuse is a bit much! i mean at 13 i was having sex :o and i knew what i was doing.
    i ended up meeting up the the guy i slept with, years later and am now marrying him.

    Point taken.....*closes mouth*


  • I think the girl slept with a 'bit of a rotter'.. I bought the Mirror, just so i could read this article.. i regret it now because the paper is trash...but anyhoo as long as she gets support of her family [wich she seems to be getting] .. i guess everything will work out alright..

  • It is entirely posible that you could not know you are pregnant until you go into labour. I know somebody who has done just that. She didn't know she was pregnant until she was in her last month. If a woman is suficiantly built then it is entirely probable that a pregnancy could be concealed.

  • Bloody hell - I've heard about things like this happening before - so the baby was concieved on her 13th bday thats wrong in so many ways.

    Maybe she did know she was pregnant but didnt want to know!!!!

    That must have been horrible, i know all this is bad, its bad that a 13 yr old is having sex, that a 13 yr old is pregnant but that must have been bloody scarey - when my sister was in labour she was scared and she was 27 and aware of everything.

    Maybe she might not have known because she may not have got into a period cycle, maybe she didnt know what to look out for and had no morning sickness etc - we dont know. bloody scarey though

  • there was no mention of abuse in the story
    but it is fairly common for teenage girls not to realize
    i think this young girls life must of been hard enough bieng in a care home with out the added responsibility of having a baby

    exodous about sex education in schools
    yes they do have sex ed they are now just talking about putting nurses in schools to deal with morning after pills and pregnancies etc

    i think though there is a lot of peer pressure put on youngsters were sex is concerned these days
    also bieng in care proberly more

    poor kid