I found a dead badger!

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  • Me and Jake went on a morning walk, walking through a field a few miles from here Jake found a dead badger! I went and had a look and it had rope tied around its hind legs!

    The field has a public footpth on the other side of it - not that ive ever seen anyone use it before! Theres no houses nearby, no animals etc!

    Make you wonder what farmers are doing to them :(

  • Its horrible, it would have been put their last night for sure we we walked the same walk yesterday! There arent many flies around it, no head wound (that i could see) so i reckon its been shot.
    I've heard some right horror stories about badger and farmers having enough of them! Sometimes it make you think if they have any compassion left at all

  • If you have cattle in the area its likely the farmer shot it, because they blame them for spreading tuberculosis among their cows.

  • poor badger i can see where the farmer is coming from but he could have got it in a humain trap and let it go away from his farm

  • They dont tend to travel to far away from the main set, if there is no badger set nearby there is a possibility that it was taken there and dumped, after all if a farmer or gamekeeper killed it they would not want it to be found on thier patch.

  • isnt there someone to call if you find a dead badger? or is that just badgers killed on the road..?

    Yes if they are on a road then they put a drian type tunnel under the road if it is possible to save more casualty's from the sett.
    You could phone the RSPCA about the one found by Wiggy in case it was a victim of dog bateting because a hole in its head dont necessarily mean that it was shot.

  • Isn't it still illegal to kill badgers, I seem to remember a storyline on 'the Archers'(don't take the piss) about one of the characters getting done for it.
    If you feel strongly enough about it, it may be worth reporting.:mad:

  • Well its getting too late now to go and find the right place where it is, what im thinking of doing is taking a picture of it tomorrow as evidence and keep an eye out for anymore i find.
    Im 99% sure this isnt road kill, not died of natural causes. Unless the rope that was tied around the hind legs loosen up after it died and maybe it died of ermm rope being round his leg - which i highly doubt.
    I've spoken to a few people and a friend especially agrees that its been baited.
    I'll keep a eye out for anymore and then pass in the info on to the RSPCA or some people who may do something about it.

    Its really not easy though cos theres nothing around - so where did it come from, there was no tyre marks - not that a car can get on their easy enough.

  • The local news has just had a story about a shot badger in Cornwall, it's definitely illegal and I'd phone the local plod about the one you found.

  • Because of various tit bruising reasons i havent gone out much today with jakey today - i will be going out tomorrow and will see if the badger is still here and see if it has any friends!
    If it does i think my best bet is to call the police