no more baby.

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  • we went for a dating scan today and they said it looked as though the baby had stopped growing a week or so ago. there was no heartbeat and not much to see but the sac and a blob. i have to ring up tomorrow to see what my hormones are doing and decide what to do. I want this to be over but i dont want it to happen. they call it a 'missed abortion' nice huh.

    i know it was only early but i had so many plans and i just want my baby to be ok but its not and i feel like my heart is breaking. but i feel numb at the same time and i dont know what to do with myself. Has anyone been through this? does anything make it easier.

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  • I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, no one can know what you are going through, you are bound to have so many mixed emotions.

    I lost a baby at 22 weeks into the pregnancy, a little girl, so I know something of what you are going through. This was over 8 years ago and of course the pain is still there but it eases with time and you learn to live with it.

    Only time and personal TLC will get you through this. I am sure you have plenty of support around you, and you must take time to grieve your loss.

    When it happened to me I shut myself away for a month to deal with it, and I had my partner at the time who really looked after me, and was like a rock even though he was going through the pain of it all too!!

    Anyway, feel free to PM me if you need to talk more

    All my love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

  • :heart:I havent been thru it altho it would be my worst nighmare emotionally & reading about your sorrow makes me feel very sad.

    Children grow up in spirit & this is one special soul that is needed elsewhere. You have a magical child created by you & your partner this will always be...:heart:


  • so many hugs....

    i can't say anything to console you, but remember that you are loved and that you will go on to share the love that you have with many others :hug:

  • Big hugs from me too, I have been throught this too it is hard but its good to hear you have support from your partner xxx

  • feel so sad for you, I lost two babies 26 and 25 yrs ago and took 9 years to have my angel, there was no counselling offered then, but there is now for miscarriage and info on support groups, I found being on my own for a while was the only way I could cope, and I couldn't talk about it or cry for ages, then talking to others who had same experience helped me grieve...thinking of you

  • my heart goes out to you...have been through a similar experience...can understand your grief and total bewilderment...e-mail me if you want to cry,scream,rant or just someone to talk to.

  • sorry to hear of your loss.... i haven't been through what you are going through so can offer no advice but am sending love and healing vibes. :hug: sam xxx

  • hey enigma im really sorry to hear what your going through just now you must be devestated
    i my self have been tghrough similar i had a miscarriage very early on into the pregnancy but still knew i was pregnant so went for a scan and i was it was twins but the second baby died in my womb at 5mnths
    all i can say to you darling you never forget but it does get easier
    pm me if you wanna chat

  • So sorry for your loss. Hug.:hug: My ex and I lost a baby but that was only after a few weeks. Still hurt like hell because other people act as if nothing had happened but the little one is real to the parents. When the GP told me "It doesnt matter, just try again" I nearly punched him. Heart goes out to you and your in my prayers. If you or your fella want to talk PM me guys.

  • I started bleeding this morning, after a lot of cramping i checked and i found the sac and a blob inside, it was about 5mm with a tiny tiny thing inside. i felt affectionate towards it really, and a bit confused.

    im glad it came away quickly, it was very weird seeing it but i felt better that i did, i know its gone now, i feel like im just me again, i can get back to normal.

    im grieving alone for this baby that would have been, my husband feels no grief and cannot or will not understand mine. this makes it harder as there is no-one who can share the grief in the way he could have, in a way im glad he is spared this pain.

    Your posts, with their kind words and shared experiences have got me through this time and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.