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  • Infected Mushroom are playing live at an Allnighter at the que club in Birmingham on Friday 31st October 08 10pm - 7am tickets are £15 and the night also features Dj's Kristian, Ed Tangent, GReg Zogg, Captain Kevman and I'm playing some full on morning stuff for the last hour under my other dj name Anton Kanyini.
    There's also a techno room featuring Mark EG among others.
    This is just what Birmingham needs.:clap:

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! :(

    but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :D :D :D :D

    bloody hell i am SOOOO gonna be there in spirit! probably in body will be havin my baby hahahahh its due on 1st november :sun:

    oh what a fekkin blindin gig that will be!!!! ave a goodun everyone :D xxxx

  • a curious post........Do things you want to do, don't sulk about the fact that you want to do things but "most probally wont", not just this club night but with every thing live it, live without regrets you've only got one life and it's happening now.

  • Talking of mushrooms, I saw my first shroom of the year this morning growning on a patch of grass on an industrial estate. There was only one so I left it to get on with it's mushroomy business.

  • they are also doing a small show in dublin 700 i cant wait its their first time playing here

    I've just read elsewhere on the net all the blurb about them playing Dublin and there new full live band direction....I will try and keep an open mind. the thing is with Infected Mushroom anyway is that they are one of those acts that people either love or hate.

    this allnighter is about more than just the live act there is an armoury of good dj's playing.

  • and the line up for the psy trance room is :
    10 - 11 CosmoNaughty
    11 - 12 Captain Kevman
    12 - 1 Nasti Moto
    1 - 2 Andi Leppard (who ?????)
    2 - 4 Infected Mushroom
    4 - 5 Greg Zogg
    5 - 6 Ted Nugent
    6 - 7 Sutekh vs Kristian

  • I need a teleporter, some snacks and some day-glo boots. Have a great night, it's times like these I wish I had cash and a decent ride! Infected Mushroom are fantastic - after all, they did name themselves after me. :reddevil:

  • hey you didn't miss much Infected Mushroom were absolute shite I'd read that they had a new guitar driven sound, but I expected there to still be a bit of Psychedelic trance in there but no they were just very very bad modern rock like a bad Rage against the machine.

    And that Andy Leppard was easily the worse Dj I've ever seen take to a stage.

  • awwww cosmo mate am so sorry to hear that!! you must be mightily peeved!!! very dissapointing to hear infected mushroom was so pants :( gutted for ya bud! hope ya next night out is more exciting :) x x x