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  • Ok then, im skint as a fish and need to raise some funds.
    Heres a few bits if anyone is interested, theres better stuff to come im just waiting for them to come off the line and ill give them an iron.

    These are all asking prices for what i think theyre worth so make me an offer if you think differently.
    I think postage works out £1.14 if it fits in a padded envelope and £4.20 for things like jeans that are classed as a parcel - correct me if im wrong.

    blue and turquoise bracelet - metal and plastic with sparkly gems - £3.50 + pnp

    Grey jeans - size 8, leg 34 (waaay too long for me) hardly worn but little bit scuffed on the back of the leg so ill ask £5 +pnp

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Black sequin shawl/scarf - £2 +pnp[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Green 95% silk Karen Millen top - Size 12. Lovely bright colour - looks perfect but close up there are one or two slight snags on the side, ill take a close up picture if anyone wants me to. this being so ill ask for £5 +pnp
    (Back of top)[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    [STRIKETHROUGH] Sparkly Halter top size 10 - £3.50 + pnp[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    Satin trousers Never worn, pretty sparkly buttons - £7 + pnp

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Cute pink short cardy Ties at front, Small - £4.50 + pnp[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    Sexy Satin Dress Size 10 - £6.50 +pnp

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Pink t Shirt With cool rock design, size 8 - £2 +pnp
    Belt Beige with blue and gold paisley design - elasticated - £4 +pnp

    Knecklace - metal and plastic - £4 + pnp

    Watch this space and ill get me ironing done, if you want a better picture or any more info let me know

    Chegz xxx

  • Oh and yeah - As you can see in the pics these are coming from a home with pets if you have allergies, but they will be washed and ironed before posting to ensure no hairs or smells.

  • hi chegzy x
    can i have the pink rock chick tee shirt please? for my daughter cos i wouldnt get 1 boob in it but itll look lovely on her! how shall i pay you? :angel:

  • Ok these arent ironed yet (i really cant stand any more today) but you get the idea - ill put up a pic of me wearing them to see how they hang if anyone wants.

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Pink Satin Dress Size 10, this is one you really need to see on to see how nice it is, ive also got matching shoes if anyones interested? ill ask £7 +pnp[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    Ben Sherman Minni Skirt - Medium - £6 +pnp

    Jacket It says size 12 but i think ive shrunk it so ill say 8/10 - £6 + pnp

    [STRIKETHROUGH]Black vest top £1 + pnp[/STRIKETHROUGH]

    Bandannas one magenta and purple one white with magenta and purple paisley design. They just about fit me - theyre a bit on the small side for a head scarf i think, maybe children? £3.50 + pnp for both

    Minni minni skirt This is tiny - one of those belts as people call them, but i liked to wear this over jeans or trousers. Size 6 so i aint getting bck into it for a long time. Is well worn but in great condition - £4 +pnp?

    Long dress By Nafnaf, size 38 whatever that is in english. I love this dress and is very slightly tailored to go round lady curves. This is annother one i need to post with me wearing it to see how nice it is. Its made from a strange material, Ramie it says but it has some lovely embroidery and hangs well. Cost me quite a bit so ill ask £13 for this.
    (embroidery) (Beaded straps)

    Punky Skirt By Laura Lees, small, has some really funky stitching on, i love it bit i dont think ill ever fit in it again - £10 + pnp
    (front detail) (dartboard back design)

    So yeah, if you like the look of something and would like a better quality photo or want to offer less than im asking let me know.

  • Quote from spacekitty

    what size are hte matching shoes for the dress ? thanks x

    Theyre a 38, so a 5 i think????
    Worn once aas well as the dress, got a bit of a foot print going on the sole though. Were a great find, exactly the same colour

    You can see the toesey marks on the pic

  • now you will be loaded, maybe i better have a clear out! watch the post sweet, ill put my addy etc in it :angel:

  • Quote from angelcake

    now you will be loaded, maybe i better have a clear out! watch the post sweet, ill put my addy etc in it :angel:

    You should!
    Thanx again, this is just the tip of the iceberg believe me, but im getting there :)