Need to gain weight.

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  • Hello peeps,

    I recently went to the nurse for my Depo Provera jab and she told me that I needed to be drinking a pint of milk a day to replace the calcium that gets leached from my bones by the jab, no one had told me about this before. Apparently you are only supposed to be on it for 2 years at a time, no one had told me that either and before I had Ash I had been on it for 4 years. Heaven knows what state my bones are in now!! Anyway, carrying Ash around and drinking loads of milk and yogurt should help for now.

    The other thing she said was that I had lost a load of weight since having Ash and that I needed to put more on. I only usually weigh around 8 stone (I'm a tiddler!) and I had dropped to nearly 7 and a half. The problem I have is that I find it very difficult to put on weight and always have, due to a very active lifestyle, nervous disposition and just feeling too full if I eat a lot. I am managing to drink the pint of milk a day just fine though, so do you think that will help me put on weight? Are there any other simple foods that I could eat most days that would help? Just eating loads is not really an option for my stomach.

    Please, please, no comments about how lucky I am to be thin!! I would really like to be bigger, around about a stone bigger, and then I would be much more healthy, be able to give Ash better milk and have more energy.
    Any ideas?

  • When I was trying to gain weight (went from just under seven stone up to nine before I became pregnant) I ate loads and loads of nuts and seeds - especially things like 9bars and macadamia nut cereal bars, that kind of thing. Because you can't just suddenly start eating massive amounts all in one go - but they are very high in (good) fat, so they help you gain a but of healthy chub :D

    Also... milkshakes!!! Oh, and coming round here lots for cake and biskwits.

  • Yay, cake and biskwits! I like the Lidl chocolate milk powder actually and it is vitamin enriched to. Nuts sound like a good idea, I love Mr Peanut bars.

    I really miss my baby belly you know. It was so soft and lovely and went so quick.

  • Maybe you need to eat more often? I know we're used to having 3 meals a day, but perhaps you need to have 4 or even 5? Then you wouldn't feel over-full (hopefully) but could increase your intake a bit.

  • Quote from Gillyflower

    Please, please, no comments about how lucky I am to be thin!! I would really like to be bigger, around about a stone bigger,


    I lost alot of weight after having Celyn.
    i'm 5ft 7 n went down to 8 stone.
    jokes about the fact that i'd lost my ass somewhere along the line....but it wasnt funny :(
    I know what you mean about lack of energy n not feeling healthy.
    ppl were saying to me "eat jo" but i was !

    its taken a year,i'm still about half a stone under weight but i'm getting there :)

    determination,excersise to build you up but not too much (viscious circle that one)
    lots of "body fuel food" i call it.
    pasta,stews,potatoes,bread,cakes :) eat cakes cos you can :D .

    seriously, i had No appetite so found i had to walk/excersise/fresh air to get myself hungry..then i could eat.

    i'm happier now,n have energy to dance again ,but still have dificulty keeping weight on..i have to keep an eye on it.

    good luck hun,
    i recon your onto a winner tho because unlike me you like to cook dont you :thumbup:

  • How about hemp protein powder? I used this when bodybuilding; it is however rather vile, and needs mixing with yoghurt or something to be palatable. However it's a great protein shake and twice a day I would whizz two scoops of the stuff with a cup of yoghurt and a cup of fruit into a lassi. I'd recommend it.

    Don't just eat a bunch of sugar thinking it will help. If you've got a high metabolism, that will just kick you into overdrive! Just switch to full fats if you eat dairy, and add more protein.

    Good luck

  • Thanks guys, I am about to go shopping so I reckon nuts will be on the list and some cake ingredients! I have to say that eating more often is even harder than normal cos of Ash, but full fat foods seem the way to go.

  • That's why I suggest the hemp protein shakes. I'm terrible with forgetting to eat, I'll sometimes go for a day or two and wonder why I'm faint....but if I make up some shake in the morning, I can just fill up a glass with it and down in during the day.

    Good luck!

  • Oh agreed, they really don't taste nice, but you can doctor them up. I don't like hemp protein atall and I'm not vegan but it's the one shake out there that doesn't have a bunch of additives in it, which I felt un-necessary. But it does taste like sand, and I used to feel sorry for all those vegans who were trying to drink it with fruit juice or water (argh!) Still, made into a lassi it's not bad atall.

  • slim fast!! drink one a day with regular meals and watch the weight pour on!

    its far more effective to gain weight quickly than to loose it, and its cheap too

  • my son has a food issue, he just didnt eat. i found the slimfast shakes a great way of getting protein and vits etc into him and he liked it which made life a whole lot easier! i went from size 12 to size 28 due to horrible strong meds and am struggling to get it off again. im down to size 20 again and i know how not feeling like yourself can get you down. if youre a really good girl and ask me nicely ill let you have a bit of mine then well both be happier and healthier! :angel:

  • Hi Gillyflower,

    You can get these milkshake things on prescription called Ensure Plus - my dad gets them as he is underweight due to medical conditions. They are high in calories and have lots of vitamins and minerals in them. Lots of nutrition in a small amount of liquid.

    They come in various different flavours and also as soups and juice drinks, I think.

    Might be worth looking into?

    x Keely

  • Quote from angelcake

    if youre a really good girl and ask me nicely ill let you have a bit of mine then well both be happier and healthier! :angel:

    Hmmm, maybe some of tubing between us?! ;):D

  • Had put on a few pounds through drinking lots of whole milk, eating loads of yogurt and generally just eating more during the day (harder than it sounds for me), so felt really good about that. Then I spent a few days with my mum who barely eats at all and never has much in the fridge, so lost it all again!! She doesn't have that much money yet wouldn't let me buy any shopping while I was over, so I got what Baby Ash needed and felt bad about getting anything for myself! Grrr. Back to stage one.

  • Protein ftw. Not sure what your dietary path is but if you eat fish, tuna is great. Tuna pasta salad. Flavoured tuna on crackers. It was my gym food staple and I now use it for my pick-me-up snacking at work and it keeps me energized and moving.