Cake Recipe Thread

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  • Sarah's digustingly disgusting chocolate cake in process...Made for No1 son's 21st birthday...


    part of the great feast:D

    :woohoo: for sarah!!

  • mmmm disgustingly disgusting choc cake sounds and looks divine!

    try it.. you know you want to..

    there's hardly any left.. it was truly gorgeous.. it seemed like a lot of cocoa, as I used five eggs, but it was worth it.. totally YUMMMMMMM!!

  • nice cake Claire. If I tried cooking with a laptop in the vicinity, I think it would end in tears!

  • Cupcake recipe

    8oz margarine
    8oz caster sugar
    4 lg eggs
    8oz plain flour (i used GF flour)
    2tsp baking powder (I used GF bp)
    icing or buttercream and sprinkles

    Put all ingredients into a large bowl and whisk for 2 mins with an electric handmixer, or slightly longer by hand. Add a couple of tablespoons of water if the mix is too thick. Spoon into muffin cases but only half fill as they rise well. Bake for approx 20-25 mins at gas 4 until risen and slightly brown. Cool, ice, sprinkle then eat, eat eat!!!!
    Makes approx 18-20 cakes. You can halve the recipe if you want less cakes....but that would be madness, in my view!!!

  • These are they....made them yesterday for my birthday, and they are so nom nom :)

  • I've made this, its really really nice.