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  • Jiggly wiggly baby, come out and see how many beautiful things are out here. Your Mum needs to be able to see her toes again without having to bend over :) Besides, I'm uber excited and want to know what you look like :hug:

  • Ok, that was a very nice lady and thank goodness for her, she has made me feel so, so much more empowered... I guess because at least I now understand my options and what they all mean.

    So, I'm fully effaced and 2cm dilated, so officially in early labour :)

    The irregular contractions I am having at the moment have been turning baby around apparently, and little one seems to be in the right position now, head all the way down obviously and ready to come out.

    So basically it's going to happen very soon, and I'm not going to be able to have a home birth unless I time it really bloody fantastically and go into my second stage at handover tomorrow morning (about 8:30am) when there will be a second midwife available.

    The weekend will be a total no-go as far as home birth is concerned as there will only be two midwives for the whole Winchester area, so really it would be best for it to happen tonight/early tomorrow morning as at least then I'll have a shot.

    Otherwise, the birth centre are now happy for me to just turn up as I've been assessed - so when my contractions are about 4 mins apart I should start calling taxis. She says that next time I am having regularly spaced contractions will definitely be "the real deal" and baby will be on the way out. And no need whatsoever for hospitals unless I actively choose to go there.

    So... feel free to keep sending "out you come" vibes :)

  • Hiya, if you refuse to go anywhere THEY WILL send a midwife to your home.

    Its not a time you feel like being stubborn. but they will come to you at home.

    If your happy with the birth centre that might be a less stressful option.

    You could always "Free birth" just pop the baby out at home with your partner. Again somthing you prob dont want to decide at the last minute.

    Arggh! Its times like this I wish I'd finished my midwifery training. I caught 16 lovely slippery babies myself and saw 43 others come into the world. But even if I was fully qulified I wont be allowed to practice in winchester without getting express permission from the supervisior of midwives. (your only registerd for your local area)

    Anyway enough burble, heres sending you love and light and beautifull birthing vibes, have a fab one:):)

  • Hello, just seen this and wanted to wish you luck and positive vibes :) You always seem so positive and confident so I'm sure you'll cope really well. It's so exciting that you'll get to meet your baby soon! :) x

  • Quote from darth vader

    Hiya, if you refuse to go anywhere THEY WILL send a midwife to your home.

    The problem seems to be that yes, they will send a midwife but a midwife isn't meant to deliver without a second one being there, and the lady who came here said that if I really refused to leave the house she would of course deliver the baby but I'd be putting her in a bad situation in terms of if there were complications and she made a wrong call.

  • :boing:come on now bubba,mummy says its time:D

    hope everything goes smoothly for you PTM:hug:

    Do you know how quickly you can get to help-or it to you-if you do need it?Coz knowing timescales might help you relax about staying at home for longer-the medical peeps will always err on the side of caution and it may be you can still have some/all of the birth experience you want even if baby times his/her appearance *inconvieniently*.Loadsa luck and positive vibes :cheer::broc:

  • Hehe, Mr Mousey's fine... he's playing guitar and singing very loudly in the kitchen to get rid of some of the stress! He had to hold me together earlier so I think he needs a bit of a release. It sounds good :)

    We have to go to the birth centre by taxi, and the midwife said that when the contractions are every four minutes would be a good time to think about calling one.