guinea pigs on fleece?

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  • I know its quite common practise to keep guinea pigs on vetbed but does anybody know if its a good/safe idea to put them on normal fleece? I've known of people who do it.... I assume it gets dirty much quicker than vetbed but its so cheap and could be rotated and washed.....

    still trying to find alternative to woodshaving....carefresh is brilliant but expensive....

    EDIT: genius I've jut answered my own question…forum_posts.asp?TID=25353

    definately worth a read if you're a piggy owner.

    I'm going to give this a go soon... yay i get my piggies back next week!!! *popcorns* i reckon this is what I'm going to home them in... the whole moving wonderful handmade 3 storey thingy has failed so i need to buy something here... its going to be indoors and i'd rather not have loose shavings about so this looks perfect... and fleece is flat so wont pick up all poo like vetbed did.... yay!


  • I use fleece. I love it. They love it. Easy to vaccum poops. Hay can be a bit sticky so I try and keep the hay area isolated(the loft) as to not mess up the main floor's fleece.

  • right soooo Im totally new to guinea pig parenting lol... so can u explain pls... U just put fleece down in the bottom of the hutch??? instead of anything else??? :))

  • I put down a few layers of towel for absorbancy and then the fleece on top. Fleece is a wicking fabric so the pee sinks down to the layers of towel and leaves the fleece fairly dry.

  • pikey read through that pimms pages link.. i wasnt sure but after reading that i've got it all worked out in my head! i'd also recommend lino for underneath so it goes lino, newspaper, towels, fleece, piggy as it stops (mostly) any wee socking into your carpet.

    And I have a leopard print chunk of fleece that i can torment Steve with..muahaha! I GET TO SEE MY PIGGIES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEP!!!!!!!

    Sithinknots.. I used vetbed for a while and ack.... so much hay! i didnt even think about it til it came to washing! hehe! this hutch/run i'm buying has a hutch bit on top i'm just going to stuff with hay!

  • if anyones wondering....

    well theyve been on it a week....buuut... i got given loads of thos epuppy training pads, so i had them, then a towel, then a fleece... a week later it's only slightly damp in one part! pads are expensive though so i'm going to keep them for if we go on holiday or etc....

    so i'm going to get more towels when i have the chance and do newspaper, towels, fleece.

    i think this time i'll do the pads once more, as its going to be a busy week!

    ah the bastards wouldnt use the ramp up to the hutch in their new home!! well steve can get up there.... but can't get down! so i clipped the ramp up and theyre just living in the run... i need to make more prominant footholds i think...

    theyve been out loads in their new big home, its great! when i had them just in the hutch before we set it out we barely saw them!

    cat is fine, just sits watching them!

  • :pics:

    Will you show me yours if I show you mine?!

    This is an old pic after I first put it together. Now the loft is fleeced and I've perfected towel origami, it's much tighter. I keep the ramp in towel for traction. The water bottle now lives downstairs as well 'cause one day, they decided they would no longer drink from it up stairs. And Lawdy knows, what Nuz wants - Nuz gets.

  • oooooh! hehe! yep i will put up pics maybe later!

    much better way of having them! they love it too, popcorning no end!

    all i heard beforei got fleece was not to get hay on it.... this proved impossible especially as they refused to use the hutch up sod it i though chucked some hay down they spread it everywhere......

    gave it a beating outside and put in the washing machine....

    perfek! even the trillions of hairs came off!

    so yay!!!