What are you doing at the end of august

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  • greetings

    i am sorry if this seams a bit spammy .

    i am just putting out feelers out there to see who would like to steward ect ect .At brand new festival in wiltshire at the end of August..

    i have been a long time lurker of this site and i know i have meet a few of you throu grandpabones ..aka dave ye ole git. plus i am soooooo shure i have meet some of you also at the first sunrise festival and bgg.

    here is the link to the festival.. http://www.moonfest.co.uk/ . its so very new.

    anyway details to follow (site meeting next week).

    would be great to get a greener side to the festival :)


  • hello on this very wet and foul day .

    i have a few places available for stewarding work .

    it will be 2 x 5.5 hour shifts and 1 short shift on sunday 3 hour shift.

    you will get 1 meal per shift worked plus the time afterwards is your own.

    all stewards will get a AAA passes to get backstage to use the crew bar ectect..

    if you are intrested please email moonfeststewards(at)googlemail(dot)com by next sunday 10 august.

    you will need to be onsite from thursday 28th for a steward meeting at 7:30 that evening.

    love and light

    andy moonfest.

  • awww hope this goes really well peeps :) bit out of our budget this year unfortunatley but with any luck you can count us Fromies in for attendance next year! What a super line up!!!! :D I am hoping the wind is blowing from wiltshire on bank holiday weekend so we might catch a listen :D xxx

  • the whole weekend has now been canceled .. the old bill got jumpy about pete and his fans... closed the whole of the fridaynight ..and that had a knock on effect with the financial side of things...so thay had to close it all it was to much for the little festival to handle...
    the police asked if thay spent 50k to them and 15k for more security then thay would revoke the block....

    now what does that say
    a little festy held to ransom

    hekking bad show if you ask me .

  • same happened with peoples festival in wycombe.. the police got jumpy due to a race issue, and that coupled with a headlining act pulling out at the last minute, made it impossible to continue! The promoter has had some stick.. but it will hopefully go ahead next year!

  • that's really really shit! how many more little festivals are gonna be pulled under by unreasonable demands like this? or how many big ones aswell? the big green is struggling coz of policing bills forced onto them.

    this really pisses me off :(

    so sorry for all the disappointed people. bet the people running it are gutted. massive hugs to you all

    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • Thats unbelieveably crap - if that was me in that position I'd be looking to sue the bastards. :mad: Totally out of order incompetent policing bollocks.

    Rock N Roots in Herefordshire has also had to be cancelled due to licensing issues - this time due to nasty little pedantic twats in the local authority licensing dept - see their website for info http://www.rocknroots.co.uk/

    The problem with these sort of people is that they still get their fat council/police salary whatever happens, maybe we should have them on performance related pay - you failed, you're incompetent, you don't get paid...:D

    Incidentally the Big Green Gathering financial problems were not just about security & policing costs, they are a small part of a much bigger picture, that is very involved and off topic so I won't go into it now...

  • moonfest has got police approval (subject to increasing stewarding by a measly 2 people) to holding a free, invitation-only event on Saturday 30th August at the Moonfest site on Storridge Farm.

    There will be a range of acts from the original festival bill playing between 2pm and about midnight, with a bar licence until 1:30pm. Full bill is being finalised by John as we speak and there's a good chance of a high profile headline act not originally on the Moonfest bill... but this is still in negotiation and will be announced shortly.

    The police were fairly adamant about the "invitation only" thing - invitations will be emailed to all Moonfest ticket holders and other contacts which must then be printed out and produced at the gate on the day - no printed invitation = no entry. If anyone else would like to go to this event who is connected with Moonfest or any of the acts but did not have a ticket, please get your act to contact John via the tickets email address requesting invitations with a list of names and email addresses to send them to. Invitations are not transferrable (they will feature the person's name and there may be random ID checks to confirm people are who they say they are).

    In another interesting twist, John is currently in negotiations with Rockworld channel on Sky (channel 378) to have an outside broadcast crew there to film the event for a highlights show to be broadcast by them at a later date - all good promotion for the Moonfest organisation and of course the bands.

    As I said - full bill details will be announced shortly but its definitely going to be an event that the media will be all over..

  • if anyone from uk hippy with a post count more than 10 would like an invite to the moonfest hospitality party please pm me asap and i will email you the invite..

    a few details

    its this saturday.. the 30th from 2pm till midnight.
    free entry with the official invite...

    live music from rock to pop with a one off set by justin hawkins.
    funfair ectect

    andy moonfest.

  • aww i want to see justin! ~~~~~ you know where we'll be, being traitors to our own town an all that :whistle: the cats will have a nice time with the cat sitters and music im sure! :D have a great time andy see ya soon xxx

  • Quote from starcatkel

    aww i want to see justin! ~~~~~ you know where we'll be, being traitors to our own town an all that :whistle: the cats will have a nice time with the cat sitters and music im sure! :D have a great time andy see ya soon xxx

    cheer kel hope you have fun at the ragged hedge gig and give that ole git some hassle from me will you :P

  • what sort hassle? stealing tit cake hassle? ~ telling him off for swearing too bloody much hassle...i do that all the time anyway......yeah i'll keep doing that for now hahah :D have fun! well get a camp in soon with all of us yeah! before the snow

    Quote from moonfest

    cheer kel hope you have fun at the ragged hedge gig and give that ole git some hassle from me will you :P

  • the offer is still open


    2.00Pm The Fookarwees

    3.30Pm Old School Tie

    5.00Pm Soul Jacker

    6.30Pm Zenyth

    8.00Pm Decora

    9.30Pm JetKing

    11.00Pm 4th Street Traffic